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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fat Music Radio

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Fat Music Radio
I know it all. But did you really have to tell her like that? Radio. Radio! I actually came to apologize to you. It wasn't DeukGu oppa who said you lived however you wanted. Oppa asked me to apologize, and said you weren't that sort of person, so I came to apologize to you. Just for a moment. Who are you? There is no one here like that. Just for a moment! You're that type of person? I didn't tell you that I only think of Radio as my younger sister in order for you to use it to hurt her. How could you treat Radio like that? How could you twist the truth however you wanted and say it so cruelly!? Do you like her? You don't. Maintaining a close relationship with her and letting her think that you like her, is that good for her? Or is it better to be like me, be straightforward, and let her know what isn't just isn't. Do you think what you did was right? It's better than you, cowardly acting like you don't know her feelings even when you don't like her. Yes, I'm cowardly. As long as I don't hurt Radio, it doesn't matter how cowardly I am. Oh, pretending to be kind, pretending to be concerned about others, While living a hypocritical life? Is that your way of life? Disgusting, it's really disgusting. You are the disgusting one. Even when Radio ran out wearing only her undergarments, you didn't care, right? You never thought that your words would hurt her and make her cry, right? You never thought for a second that she would be so embarassed and so ashamed that she had to feel like dying, right? You don't even know how to care for people and how to think of others' feelings. You have a perverted psychology. I really feel disgusted and irritated. Hey, are you guys the only kind ones? Are you people the only humans? I was worried too! When she ran out after taking off the dress, I was worried for her too! Jerk. Radio Let's talk. Radio. You like me... I knew it. But I couldn't acknowledge it. I really like you and I'm very grateful to you. For the last years, you've been always by my side, liking me, following me... That's why I can live properly until now. But I... can't accept your feelings. I don't have the inner peace in my heart to love someone.

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