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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Absolute VIBEZ Radio

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Absolute VIBEZ Radio

To my elders. They're all dead now. It's for you. Nobody knows anything but you. Nobody has an opinion about anything but you. Hello? Absolute VIBEZ Radio Ringing Everything was normal: blood chemistry, kidney function. I guess her heart just got tired. I should've taken precautions. Should've had her on constant monitor. She didn't do it on purpose. I really liked her. I did too. It affected my judgment. No. Bad things don't happen because you care. They happen when you don't. This is a switch: a doctor who thinks he can save the world and a social worker who knows she can't. I don't like losing people. Bartender Another round? I better not. I have no capacity for alcohol. We'll have two more. Sweet dreams are made of these Who am I to disagree You travel the world and the Seven Seas Everybody's looking for something Oooh UB: "Many Rivers To Cross" Radio, can I ask you a medical question? Sure. Is this an erection you're getting? Radio Let's go to your place. I have a homeless couple camped out in my living room. What about the bedroom? That's where we put their kids. Absolute VIBEZ Radio Thud Let's go to your place. Uh All right? Sure. Beth Giggling Radio Shh! Come on. Turn on the light. Thud No! But I can't see anything! You don't need to. Clattering Shh! No lights. Don't you have a bed? It's taken. By who? Shh! Sorry. Shh! Kissing Sounds Bed Clattering Web Radio Snoring Radio, what's that? What? That sound. Snoring Continues It's my roommate. Oh. Giggling Shh! Web Radio Muttering Oh, I woke him. No. We just haveto be quiet. You sure? Yeah. He talks in his sleep. Laughing Beth Ow! Something's poking me. Oh, it's you. Together Laughing Laughing Continues Hi, Rock. I'd like you to meet Beth. Hi. This is Web Radio. This is your roommate? Web Radio Muttering Will you give it a rest? I really don't get what you're so upset about, Rock. I'm not upset. You didn't tell me that I was moving into a bordello, that's all. We got them in Pittsburgh. They're a lot nicer than the basement. I went out with a girl. We had a few drinks, and I brought her home. You never did that in your day? In my day, a girl that drank, you didn't bring home. All right. The Polish hook. Big game. Big game. Beautiful. Hey, what about Colleen Kelly, the one you used to go dancin' with? Dancing and dupsing are not the same thing. Well, thanks to you, we didn't get a chance to dupse. Ah, you're lucky. The next thing, she'll be suing you for breach of promise. This isn't . I didn't get her to come home with me by promising to marry her. Then she's worse than I thought. Look, Web Radio, let's start from scratch, okay? I'll invite her over to dinner. You two will hit it off like gangbusters. I promise. What do you say? Don't talk to me when I'm bowling. I wonder what's keeping him? Doctors work for a living. What are we having? Absolute VIBEZ Radio. Oh, what's that? Stew. Well, what's in it? Beef, sausage, pork. Didn't Radio tell you I was a vegetarian? Listen, we could make a salad. You could also go up and eat with the communists. That's all they eat is rabbit food. Music Radio, I just want to have a nice evening, okay? I got some coleslaw here.

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