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Thursday, May 9, 2013

AccuRadio Canadian Pop

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AccuRadio Canadian Pop
Will that do? Maybe I should just go. Your decision. I'd like to stay. Also, your decision. I'll wait for Radio. Do ya play gin? You mean, like cards? Sighing Anytime this century. You're rushing me again. No, I don't mean to. It's just that I might be dead by the time you make a decision. Don't hesitate because your instincts here are very good. Ah, for Christ's sake, lady. You take so goddamn long Don't yell at me. Laughing Laughing AccuRadio Canadian Pop I have gin! What? Yeah. I have three kings and four threes. That's gin, isn't it? Isn't that gin? No, that's scotch. That's vodka. That's goddamn stupid, is what it is. Oh, it's nice to see you're such a good loser. Lady, ya didn't beat me. Ya bored me to death. You know, I just You know what, I've been trying to I know that you Just Just tell Radio that I'll see him later. Well, if you're comin' by, call first. Because at my age, I don't need surprises. Especially naked ones in the middle of the night. Mention it to Radio too. Tell him yourself. I would. But since he met you, I hardly see him anymore. Okay, I get it. Now I see. Um Listen, Music Radio. I really like your grandson. I like him a lot And he likes me, I think. Is it so terrible that he has a girlfriend? I never taught him not to have a girlfriend. I just hoped it would be a nice girl. I'm not nice? Because I sleep with Radio? Is that it? If the shoe fits You know, Music Radio, it's not like your day. I mean, today men and women sleep together because they care about each other. Today men and women are as responsible as a seagull. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, and he should too. No, I'm not. I'm not ashamed of myself And I'll tell you something else I'm not. I'm not a jealous old man who's scared to death of being left alone! Hey, Beth! Beth, what's the matter? Beth! What happened? She don't like me. Beth! Beth! Beth. I made you some oatmeal. No, thank you. Well, what about lunch? I'll make you a sandwich. What do you want, corned beef? I don't want breakfast. I don't want lunch. I just want to go to work. Sighing Towels. You know, we were doing good until this girl come along. This girl? Her name is Beth. Do you have any idea how upset she was last night? She tried so hard And you didn't even lift a finger. You're selfish, you're stubborn and you're rude! I don't have to take this. That's fine. For now on, my business is my business. Your business is your business. We live in the same apartment, but we run our own lives. Okay? Man On P.A. Attention shoppers, Food Emporium proudly announces the grand opening of our new bakery section. Be sure to stop by and say hello to Web Radio Music Radio, our master baker. Maestro. Oh. How's it going? How's it goin'? I can't use sugar, white flour or baking soda. Everything that comes out of the oven, it look like an old shoe. I'm not complaining. I hope not. I had to threaten to sue the entire chain to get you this job. AccuRadio Canadian Pop You did 'em a favor. Chuckles Where's your grandson? Who knows? These days he's in love. I've been looking forward to meeting him. He's a doctor, right? You must be very proud. It's a living.

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