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Friday, May 10, 2013

A.S.S.K Radio

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A.S.S.K Radio

I can't let Ok Listen Online stay in the palace anymore. His Online Radio seems to have a lot on his mind. A.S.S.K Radio Please calm down. Still, how could he run away while I was talking? So am I still only a king to you? Yes. If I'm still not a man to you I'm the sky that you can't get close to or touch Watch this. Take a close look. That sky will fall on you. I will excuse myself. Ok Listen Online Prince Dongpyung! Pardon me. I have a lot to do Excuse me, but I have to go. What brings you all the way here? Does it bother you that an old hag in the backroom left her room? You haven't even been crowned, little less selected yet. What brings you here so much? Forgive me. I'll be careful in the future. The motherinlaw is quiet about it so why does an elder say anything at all? Goodness, motherinlaw already? Is a royal marriage done all by herself? The most important thing is your son, His Online Radio's decision. My son is devoted, he'll follow my decision in the end. The Queen Dowager should worry about herself and not bother with unnecessary business. Just worry about myself? Because of the treason of Prince Music and Radio The seeds of the Southern Party have been dried up. I'm concerned the Queen Dowager might get involved in an unfortunate incident And be forced out of the palace. If that happens, seeds of the Southern Party will completely dry up. Watch what you say! I'm still the eldest in the palace. Who'd dare to force me out when the decorum is clearly laid out? What's the big deal about leaving the palace? With the excuse of a concern for the Queen A.S.S.K Radio health His Online Radio can fulfill his duties by . sending you to a palace in the countryside Well, that doesn't sound too bad. Do you understand? Once you leave the palace, it's hard to come back. So please stay quiet. Well, then. Let's go, Lady Min. How rude How dare she threaten to force me out of the palace? Your Online Radio, please calm down. Tell Lord Listen Hit Music and Prince A.S.S.K Radio to come over right now! Do I have to be humiliated by that young Queen Mother? What are you doing sitting back? The aftermath of Online Radio's treason is still strong I couldn't do much. The Western Party will accuse any move as treason. Ok Listen Online what on earth is Ok Listen Online doing? She's the only one we can put forth in front of the king! Is that why you brought her in? What are your thoughts? You've known her for a long time. Yes. But is there any other way besides her? For now Approaching the king as a Southern Party member is completely blocked off. And you can't hold a government position because you're a royal family member. The only answer we have is her. We have to find the right time and bring her back to him. We have no other hope for us in the Southern Party. I thought you were the Chief of the Royal Guard And came to the palace only knowing your name But he turned out to be the Most Precious Online Radio. Where you are is higher than the sky and deeper than the earth. I'll be going outside the palace, so get ready. Yes, Your Online Radio. Doesn't it hurt to share your wealth with me after working so hard to earn it? Your Online Radio, sometimes a merchant will give one to earn two.

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