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Friday, May 10, 2013

A-1 Hits

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A-1 Hits
I didn't get to thank you back then. What? Thanks to you, I got to wear the Wonsam dress of the lady who might become the next queen. When would I ever get a chance to wear a A-1 Hits dress for royalty? Why are you thanking me for it? You were the one who told me to. Since there is no big mirror for Lady Min to see herself wearing it She'd like to see it on the person who made the dress. That's what you told me. What's the use of recalling it now? Regardless, you are just a disrespectful maid who wore the dress of the master. Do you think anyone would believe you now? Still, the truth needs to come out That you lied to me so I wore it without knowing. Do you have proof? Did anyone see me telling you to wear that dress? You don't, do you? How will you prove that I lied to you? Here it is, the person who will prove it. So that's the whole story. Court Lady Listen Hit Music. Ma'am, please forgive me. Please, just don't kick me out. When the heart of the dressmaker is poisonous It's the same as making other people wear your poison! What a fool I'm sorry, ma'am. Please, please forgive me just this time. From this moment, you're on probation. I'll determine your punishment after I speak with the disciplinary court lady. I can't stand to see you, get out! Now things have been cleared, you can go back to your duty. Thank you, ma'am. But I'll say this again. If you have some other intention besides making clothes It'll be better for you to leave the palace. If you understand me, you may leave. Yes, ma'am. The reason I want to become a strong king is So that I can care for my people all I want. I want my people to have one more spoonful of rice And have them taste this meat they grew in their ancestors' land But they take away the spoons steal the bowls and smash the table. Even this fabric tax is to collect fabric from the noble class And strengthen the military power and reduce the burden of the people. But just because it doesn't profit them, they are against it. As long as you hold on to that goal, you'll make it happen. Well, well, please have a glass. It's So Gok Ju from Seo Listen Hit Music, it's just wonderful. Let's stop with talk of the politics. It's got us all down why don't we talk about something fun? Right, Yang Goon. Yes, A-1 Hits Your Online Radio. No matter how late I go to sleep tonight you have to wake me up on time tomorrow. I'd hate to be late for the morning meeting and give them an excuse to talk about me. Yes, Your Online Radio. You may leave now. Yes, Your Online Radio. Uncle. Should we play a game of twenty questions? Twenty questions? Yes, twenty questions. I'll start. Alright. I have one. Is it something I've seen? Not sure. You might not have seen it. What kind of answer is that? Then, what's the special feature? Usually, it looks at you with those bright eyes without saying anything. But when it gets upset, their eyes get big and they talk back in such an angry tone. Sometimes I even get scared. If it dares to scare you and talk back at you There is no one in Joseon like that. Is it that A-1 Hits you had when you were little? Meow? You were tricked many times by him when you were the Crowned Prince.

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