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Friday, May 10, 2013

A1A Doo Wop Radio

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A1A Doo Wop Radio
What's important to a merchant is to have the money circulated. If it's stored away and goes bad, it'll only get thrown out. I see you'd rather fill up my pocket than throw it out. A1A Doo Wop Radio So you want me to earn favor from my retainers with your wealth Sure, the loyalty from the retainers comes from the bowls given by the king. And they bite, claw and fight to get more Your Online Radio, you should solidify your royal power while they're fighting. I need a lot of things to solidify the royal power. Funds to rule the court, strong guards and to cut off their source of funding. Speaking of which, did you check the one I asked you about? Of course I have. Your Online Radio, the answer was The answer was right in this drink. The source of funding for the Western Party. The answer was in the drink? Yes. The biggest source of income was alcohol distribution in Seoul and the eight provinces. Dominating alcohol distribution to build political funds They have their hands on everything. Your Online Radio, what would you like to do? A1A Doo Wop Radio What will I do? I'll get a good drink on while I'm at it. That'll help me get a good answer. Taxing in fabric? That doesn't make sense, Your Online Radio. How is that impossible? I just mean to collect some tax from the noble class, too. How could you ask that from the noble class when it's only reserved for the commoners? That is completely absurd! Checking from the historical records There was a discussion of collecting fabric from the noble class during the period of Hyo Jong. Taxes paid in fabric is only done by the commoners. If you ask that from the noble class how would the commoners and the noble class be different? It will destroy the order of class hierarchy. Please reconsider! What do you think, Lord Kim? I share the same opinion. Asking the same from the noble class will shake up the foundation of Joseon. Besides, some of the noble class are too poor to pay taxes in fabric. Even my fatherinlaw whom I trusted says that It's very disappointing. Please reconsider. If the noble class pays military taxes It would expand the military power and help greatly with our military defense Even when the noble class enjoys the privilege of military duty exemption You still push the military taxes on the commoners. I'm very disappointed. Still, what's wrong is wrong. Please take back your command. Your Online Radio, please don't be so upset. It's also for your sake. You opposed taxing of the nobles for me? How funny. Everyone's got excuses. Do you know the reason why Yeon San and Gwang Hae were overthrown? The official justification was immoral conduct But the reality is because they reached out at the pocket of the ruling class. So if I try the tax reform will you try to dethrone me? What dethrone That is impossible. The matter of the nation now is not collecting more taxes It's for you to have a new bride and continue the line of succession. Then I will see you at the morning meeting tomorrow. A1A Doo Wop Radio Goon, ask Uncle A1A Doo Wop Radio to come in. If I don't drink now I'll go insane from fury. Yes, Your Online Radio. internet Radio. You're still in the palace? I thought you got kicked out a long time ago.

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