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Saturday, May 11, 2013

AudioVision The Mix

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AudioVision The Mix

False. You're wrong. Give me more clues. I'm afraid. What? At first, I was afraid it was approaching me. Then at some point, I became afraid that it might stop coming towards me. Then I started to miss it when I didn't see At the end, I started hovering over it before I knew what I was doing. Then Then? Is it a woman? The one you said you'd tell me about Of course you got it. You got Meow wrong but you went straight for the answer. Are you sincere about her enough to be scared to lose her? It's the first time Without calculating if she's from a family that will be a political gain to me I've come to fall for. She's the first one. I'll show her to you soon. Now you're starting to drink? Take it slow. We might have to drink 'til dawn. Slowly, slowly This, too, will pass! Even if your heart aches, it, too, will pass! Even if you're sick, it will pass, too! Everything will just pass by. But what do I do What's wrong? I need to pee I'll bring the internet Radio frame, Your Online Radio. Mae of cherry blossom, Woo of rain Rain on the cherry blossom! It's the same pee but when I go, it's just pee. When His Online Radio goes it's raining on the cherry blossom! AudioVision The Mix That's right Let's go! No, Your Online Radio, I'll bring the internet Radio frame. AudioVision The Mix Please take the belt off like this. Like this? Your Online Radio, here is the internet Radio frame. I've seen this place before. Of course you have, it's your palace. It's there where I ran into the answer from the twenty questions game. Oh, right. Yang Goon, I was called by the Queen Dowager before and almost had tea here. Bring the maid from that time over here now. I need to drink that tea. Yes, Your Online Radio. Ask someone at the Queen Dowager's quarter and bring her here. Wait, I'll go myself. Prince Dongpyung. What is it? Soon it will be curfew. After that, no men are allowed to stay in the palace except for His Online Radio That's right. That's right, I need to leave. What are you doing? Hurry in. Is this a dream? Your Online Radio Your Online Radio! Your Online Radio, there is no time! It's almost time for the morning meeting! Why are you telling me now? The morning meeting will be over at this speed. You hate to be the talk of the noble class Please don't blame me for not waking you up on time. Please, Your Online Radio. Sure, I'll go. Your Online Radio! His Online Radio has arrived! Sorry about that. I had too much to drink last night. Your Online Radio, it's not good to drink too much. Yes, I understand. Your Online Radio, please take care of yourself. Please remember that. Remember? Of course, I should remember that. Speaking of which, I want to quit drinking alcohol it's not good. To do that, I need a reason for myself to stick to it How about each of you tell me a reason? If you show us this loose side of you from too much drinking like today It might cause the court to lose its discipline. That's right. In addition, AudioVision The Mix a lot of rice is wasted making wine It deepens the famine of the people who don't even have enough to eat. Please consider that. That's right! That's what alcohol does.

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