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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Baby Boomer Radio

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Baby Boomer Radio
Baby Boomer Radio How would I allow rice to be taken away from the people and be made into wine? Yes so I will quit drinking for a while. How is that? Your consideration is endless. But if it's only me, how would that help with the famine? All of you should join, too. And let's set a prohibition law. But, the prohibition law is Yes, the prohibition law Taxing in fabric will shake up the foundation of Joseon and add a burden to the noble class Quitting drinking is just for you and me to endure a little. It won't take away rice from the people and it'll help feed them. Isn't this a great idea? Don't you agree? But, Your Online Radio This is to relieve the famine of the people. I said even I will endure it. Why do you, who value the people the most, keep objecting to this When all it takes is a bit of your patience and none of your money? Then, on this rare occasion of unanimity I'll consider the prohibition law passed. I'll proclaim the prohibition within the boundary of Seoul Secretary, prepare the necessary steps. I'm very glad I over drank last night. Okay, what's next on the agenda? It worked great. An attack out of nowhere! Sound from the east attack from the west. That's right. Let them go wild over taxing with fabric But Your Online Radio proclaimed the prohibition law And cut off the funding source of the Western Party. Good tactic to find the source of the Western Party's funding. And to relieve famine by taking rice normally used for wine and use it for food. Killing two birds with one stone. I'm also twice as happy. Thank you, Your Online Radio. By the way, when will you show me that flower you are growing? Baby Boomer Radio tends to be the most important factor for something to happen I believe it's the same with beauty. Waiting for the right time But the beauty tactic won't work if it's not to my liking I have high standards. Are you confident about it? Of course I am. Your Online Radio, I'm sure, definitely, that you will find her to your liking. Prohibition law? Does this mean we have to set provisions and clauses to execute the law? He threw taxing with fabric at us and made us fight all over it But in reality, he cut off our source of funding! We fell for it like fools. He brought it up as if it's nothing important And made us say how alcohol was good for nothing Then he pushed for it. I feel like my nose got cut off with my eyes open. How could he get us like this? Besides, he put the reason as the famine, so we have no choice. We have to at least pretend to abide by the law for a while. Is this a dream? Was it really a dream? Yang Goon, are you outside? Brother! My Radio came. Pardon me, Your Online Radio, she jumped in all of a sudden It's fine. You may leave. Yes, Your Online Radio. Aren't you sick of looking at the book everyday? Sick of it? You just don't understand in this book There is a house as big as a whale hidden in the book. There is a house as big as a whale in the book. I don't need a house as big as a whale. What do I get for a gift? A gift? The day after tomorrow is your birthday! If you forget again, Baby Boomer Radio Brother, no, Your Online Radio I wasn't going to see you anymore.

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