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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Back Street Radio

Back Street Radio, Back Street Radio Listen Online, Back Street Radio Live Online, Alternative Radio, USA

Back Street Radio

You have a gift in mind? What is it? Well wouldn't that be dangerous? When I get married soon, how would I get that kind of gift? That's what I really want. Mother won't like it. Alright, let's go with that. I'll get a good one for you. Thank you, Brother. You're the best, Your Online Radio! Even if I'm a king after that many coincidences You can accept it as fate by now. Is that all there is? The reason you decided to become a court maid? I'd like to keep the other reason buried in my heart. I'm that Chief of the Royal Guards Lee Soon And that Back Street Radio is only a king. Take a close look! That sky will fall on you. Already a white dew on the stone steps of the palace Chill in the silk socks in the late night. Lower the amethyst screen in the room And watch the moonlight of the autumn. It's a poem about a court maid who is longing for someone Not realizing her feet are getting wet from the cold dew under the moonlight. Yes, that's what I heard. What is your name? Come to think of it, I never got to ask your name. Back Street Radio ok Listen Online It's Jang Ok Listen Online. That's your name. By the way Could I be the one That you are longing for? I'll excuse myself. Don't turn your back to me anymore Or walk away from me. Please. Your Online Radio. I'll shorten the distance. Step by step, not too fast or too slow. I'll come to you slowly. Not as the Chief of the Royal Guards, but as a man. As Lee Soon of this palace. Then can you promise me that you will never let go of this hand you're holding now? I promise. Not as the Chief of the Royal Guards But as Lee Soon the king. Your Online Radio, I will never let go of this hand. She saw him doing this from the back. Really? His Online Radio did? Does that mean there is finally a maid who's received His grace? What? The king has a court maid in mind? Yes, there is a rumor spreading in the palace Which chamber does she belong? And which party? But strangely There is no maid who came out wearing her skirt flipped as the sign of His grace. As long as she's not from the Southern Party. Concubines can be helpful with succession, so it's not all bad. Where is the king right now? Before the polo match this afternoon His Online Radio is going to take care of the gift he'll give to Princess Radio. Is he? What's the gift? Did he pick the right horses from Jeju Island? No one has better eyes for horses in Joseon. But it'll cost quite a bit to supply horses to His Online Radio's troops. Are you planning to supply all of them? Hee Jae, do you know the one person I'm scared of? Isn't it His Online Radio or Min Yoo Joong? Wrong. The scariest one in the world is the one who doesn't need anything. In that regards, His Online Radio and I get along well. He has a lot that he needs And your sister Ok Listen Online needs to do her part to fulfill that role. Oops! Guess you have to clean the laundry again. What the heck are you doing? Why do you keep bothering Back Street Radio? If you keep protecting her, Ja Kyung won't leave you alone, either. Goodness. Let's go wash up. Maid Eom, why are you nice to me? I'm from the low class. You're from the merchant class. Is that a big deal? If you're not from the noble class, it's all the same.

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