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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Big Blue Swing

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Big Blue Swing

It's important to follow the rules especially in times of urgency. Yes, so what if the Queen Dowager, the eldest in the palace, takes the right of ruling by proxy. But if it causes all the retainers to refuse to come to work, how would you take care of that? What? Refuse to come? Who knows it wouldn't happen? The Queen Dowager only has the justification of being the eldest in the palace. But who from the court would support you? Big Blue Swing But I'm the mother of the king And behind me is the ruling Western Party that the king chose. What should we do? Should I hand you the proxy right? Would you like to try? Well then, I have to go. I have to go calm down the retainers and protect the king. The throne cannot be left empty. So I sit here as a mere woman just for a while. We receive your command! In this seat of His Online Radio, I have to notify you of something first. I'm going to wrap up the matter of the royal marriage at this time. I'd like to welcome Lord Min Yoo Joong's daughter to the seat of the queen. How is it, Lord Min? I'm asking for the relationship of inlaws as a proxy of the bedridden king. Will you accept it? I receive your command. If I may suggest one more thing. There are many steps to the proper procedure. But I'd like Lady Min to move to the palace and take care of the king. Big Blue Swing How would that be with you? Of course. I'll do my best. Thank you, Lord Min. Then I'll have Big Blue Swing enter the palace with the utmost care from the royal family. Your grace is Web Radio, Your Online Radio. Ok internet Radio Listen Online! Your Online Radio Your Online Radio! It's done. It's done now. Father. Congratulations, My Lady. Congratulations, Queen Online Radio. Congratulations, Queen Online Radio! Congratulations, Queen Online Radio! Clear the way! The new queen is arriving! Çevrilmemiş altyazı Subtitles by DramaFever I have to go, he'll look for me. No, he won't. The royal wedding has been announced. How dare you forget your place and seduce the king! Treating His Online Radio's woman like this is the same as treason. If anyone ever tries to harm her, I will never forgive them! So what if an elder in the backroom is against it? Instead of the proper format of ruling by proxy She can be the symbolic figure And our Western Party can take care of the court affairs. That was the gift. Jumping around everywhere No wonder you kept it a secret. Princess Radio must be very outgoing. Yes, she is.

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