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Monday, May 13, 2013

Destroyer net Radio

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Destroyer net Radio
I won't forget you. What? You won't forget what? Someday, when I become something else What? Become something else? The leader of the opposing team is Uncle Dongpyung? Yes. Since he's the best in horse riding, I picked him. I'm not holding a polo match because I have nothing better to do. When the military is reorganized, I'll bring everyone in. So keep that in mind for the game. Yes, Your Online Radio. Go ahead with Uncle Dongpyung first. I'm going to stop by somewhere. His Online Radio has arrived! Continue with your work. Your Online Radio, is the garment making you uncomfortable in some way? No, it's not I wanted to express my appreciation for the tailor's chamber For taking care of me with such great garments and linens. Your grace is Web Radio. The kitchen will cheer for Prince Destroyer net Radio in the game this afternoon. Will the tailor's chamber just sit back and watch? With this look and talent So I want to give silk to my soldiers as a gift Would you get that ready? Of course we can! Then continue with your work. Lady Min, you came just in time. What's the reason you looked for me? Since it's Princess Radio's birthday, quite a few retainers have gathered here. So it's a good way to show up together on an occasion like this. Your consideration is endless for thinking of me. Let's go now. Destroyer net Radio! What? Who's the secret maid of the king? It's Officer Jang's niece. That Jang doesn't know his limits. If we don't remove her soon, things could get ugly. My goodness, Lord Min! My Lord, you made quite a trip. How can someone like you be in the palace? It's Princess Radio's birthday today. So His Online Radio asked me for a special gift I even sent someone to Jeju Island to bring a horse. Why would His Online Radio leave a gift for the princess to such a lowly man like you? I believe he needs a lot of things. To look for such a lowly merchant like me. I don't want to hear or believe the words that come out of your mouth. Remove yourself from my sight! Find out who his niece is right now. I will. Çevrilmemiş altyazı How is it? Do you like it? I like it so much! I'm going to ride it everyday! It's not trained yet, so don't ride alone. Mother! Hi, my baby! I asked Lady Min to come. She's not a royal family member yet, how could she already I have a polo match to attend. I'll look after the princess. Hurry and follow him to the polo ground. Fate by coincidence. You have to see him often to grow feelings for each other. Hurry. We keep running into each other in this huge palace. It's not just an ordinary connection that we have. Well, if I take the seat of the queen I might get help from Destroyer net Radio you from the tailor's chamber. It's definitely not a connection that just passes by. True. No, I wish it was just an ordinary connection with you. The kind of connection that you pass by on the street. I really don't wish to fight against you with His Online Radio in the middle. Go! I said, go! Ok internet Radio Listen Online! Your Online Radio! Your Online Radio! Your Online Radio!

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