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Monday, May 13, 2013

insoulwetrust Radio

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insoulwetrust Radio

Everything's fine. The tumor was benign. Groaning Shhh! Groaning Continues What? Will you bring me the newspaper? The classifieds. Is there a newspaper anywhere? I think I can find one. The patient would like the "help wanted" section of the classified. internet Radio loved to remind me that the suburb we lived in had been the largest pig farm in Pennsylvania. Hey, Music Radio. He grumbled a lot, but there were now two reasons he was glad to be around. Mo, you don't have to drink the whole thing but at least drink half of it, okay? All right. Web Radio, Web Radio, Web Radio! Yeah,yeah,yeah. That's what all the girls say. Web Radio, it's Willard. Willard Scott On TV He's years old today. He loves Scrabble, ice cream Take off that silly hat, moron And miniature golf. Happy birthday to you, sir. Okay, about that warm weather Dupa ranei pusci. in the Northwest that's been around for a couple of days Continues, Indistinct May your ass sprout with boils while you sleep. Web Radio, when's your birthday? Birthday? Don't got one. Who's my anesthesiologist? I don't want Crowell. I asked for Fredericks. Cereal, Daddy? Yeah. Don't make a mess, kiddo. Why can't he fly a day earlier? You want some breakfast? No, I'll grab something later. I don't want Crowell. Who else is available? Braid my hair, Mommy? Just a minute, sweetheart. Radio Oh, no, no, not Gibson. He never shuts up. Spoon Clattering On Floor Oh, geez. I'll get it. Radio Look, tell Fredericks it's my first time out, okay? He's had enough vacation. Come home a day early. Bump him into first class. Beth Had enough, huh? Okay, I can see that And who are my techs? Web Radio, I prepare food there. Um, listen, can we just, um Why don't Why don't we do it later? Just sit now, okay? Radio And who's doing profusion? Buy more and throw away. In my day, we saved everything. How come? Because we didn't have a goddamn thing to begin with, that's why. Girl Did you have Barney? Barney? Who's Barney? The dinosaur. insoulwetrust Radio? insoulwetrust Radio No dinosaurs. We had rats. Big rats! Were they pets? Pets? No. No pets. We had jobs. It was an innocent question. I don't wanna hear about shortages. Talk to Mercy. Okay, finish up, guys. Mama's running late. Go get your stuff. I'll be in in about minutes. I'll handle it myself. Jesus! I feel like Frankenstein lookin' for a brain. Daddy, are you finally gonna get to cut somebody open all by yourself? Better believe it, kiddo. It's about goddamn time. Radio, come on. I gotta go. If you don't mind the company, I thought I'd go into the city today. Sure. Here. What in the hell is that? His name's Harold. He's my favorite. But why you giving him to me? 'Cause you never had a pet. Oh, Mo! Your kids, they make me crazy. Women Chattering In Polish Well, mine is pretty. Yours is too fat. You need to plant a garden, my friend. It does old men good to see things grow. I'm a baker, for Christ's sake. Was. Was a baker. Ahhh. The problem is you have no one to fight these days. I'm useless, Bolek. I go looking for work, and they wouldn't even talk to me. Why should they? Work is for the young. Bullshit. These are our years to enjoy, so enjoy them.

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