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Monday, May 13, 2013

Inspirational Radio

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Inspirational Radio
Inspirational Radio All right. All right, Big B, here we go. Let's see it, Rock. You all right, Rock? Panting Yeah. You sure? Yeah, I'm all right. I'm all right, sure. Might be something I ate. Okay. Whew! All right. Let's see it, Rock. Let's go. All right. Here we go, babies. Polish hook for ten. Inspirational Radio Ball Thuds Gasps Oh! Web Radio! Where is he now? Back at the house? Yeah. We're keeping an eye on him to make sure he doesn't try and sneak off to work. Sighs Are you gonna tell him? It's not that easy. He needs to know. He told me his wife died of cancer. You even mention the word to him, he gets up and walks out of the room. Get out of my way! Get out of my way! Where are you going? I didn't say you had cancer. I said it might be cancer. Shouts In Polish Calling me names isn't gonna make it go away. For that you need an operation. Web Radio, you're coming to Pittsburgh. I'm not listening! You'll stay with me. My ears don't work! I'll do it at my hospital. I'll get the best people. Get out of my way! Everything will be taken care of. Son of a bitch. Son of a bitch. Whoopee! Web Radio! Whoopee! Can we just go back in the house like two rational people Get away from me! If it's time for me to die, I die. In the meantime, I work And talk this over? I just wanna do a biopsy. Can we just do a biopsy? Will you just listen to me? Swearing In Polish You son of a bitch! Will you stop Web Radio! Hey, give me the God! Will you let go? Web Radio! Grunting Get the hell out! Who asked you to come? Not me! Shouting In Inspirational Radio He won't even listen to me. I'm a doctor. He has to. I know, baby, and you're terrific. But your bedside manner still leaves a little to be desired. It's not your fault. It's genetic. Knocking It's open. Oh. I thought you was one of the communists. Nah, a liberal Democrat. Not a communist. Gave my husband a cold shower today, huh? Yeah, well, the hose was handy. I didn't have a gun. You both have the same ugly feet. Since when do they have beauty contests for feet? Teapot Hissing Do you mind if I make myself a cup of tea? I don't got milk. If he sent you here to talk me into that operation business, forget it. Radio doesn't know I'm here. Personally, I think you're old enough to choose a quiet exit, if that's what you want. I have to admit, though, you never struck me as someone who believed in a quiet anything. Well, maybe I lived long enough. Yeah, maybe. Radio doesn't think so. You ever tell him that you love him? He tell you? You two. You don't talk, you just do. You expect everybody else to figure it out. He still doesn't understand why you wouldn't come with us to Pittsburgh. We weren't gettin' along. Oh, come on. That's ridiculous. You love to fight, both of you. Was it me? Marriages don't need third wheels. Families do. You took care of him his whole life. Let him take care of you now. He wants to. He really needs to. Tsk And you wouldn't be a third wheel. You'd have to settle for fourth or fifth. The third wheel's on the way. Doctors Inspirational Radio, Respirator Pumping Chattering He's resting. You'll be able to see him shortly. Lie still. You'll be able to talk soon.

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