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Friday, May 17, 2013

FM5280 Smooth Jazz

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FM5280 Smooth Jazz
FM5280 Smooth Jazz Not that you need it. That's Abby. Mmhmm. She's the best in class. Oh. She's our competition. I've never wanted to beat a kid so badly. Are you not hearing these? No? Okay. Oh, Online Radio's on the beam. I'm nervous about her dismount. You said that she could stick the landing, right? Yeah, as long as she breathes, relies on her training, and stays in the zone. We are talking about her stepping off a inch beam. And not falling. Right. I have to admit. Seeing Online Radio do so well brought out something in me. The pride of being a parent of a child who wasn't just participating but thriving. Okay, here comes her dismount. Stick it Online Radio Stick it! She stuck it! Mm! She stuck it! .. If no one beat my daughter's score on the beam, she would make preteam. She'd be one of the elite. Funny thing, pride. They say it goeth before the FM5280 Smooth Jazz Live Online, I can hear you What? Rooting for a little girl to fall. If I can hear you, other people can hear you. Yes! I don't know why I said that. I don't I'm sorry. Yeah, he didn't mean it. I didn't mean it. No, um, he just got caught up. And, uh, you know, we all know competition makes people do crazy things. So Look at this! Her bun fell apart during the floor exercise. Her hair got in her eyes and she couldn't even finish! You did it on purpose! No! Daddies! I'm in first place. Yay. That's great. Did you offend them? Me? They love me. Can we go now? I have a poetry reading tonight. And speaking of that, are you sure you guys really want It makes no sense. We're always the life of every party. Maybe they didn't invite you because you're a couple of snoops? Okay, FM5280 Smooth Jazz twoshoes. A trait normal parents would value. Jay, I think you're right about him. He's been too good lately for a teenager. It's not normal. I am afraid that the world is going to Oh, hell, no. This is too far. Ay. Look at this. Is that supposed to be That's us. Not only do we get blown off, now they're making fun of us. Well, I'm just gonna leave them a little message. As far as I'm concerned, they can all Horse mouth! That's a good one! No, "horse mouth" is not an expression. You can't get this? Look. Donkey. That's not a donkey. Look at the ears. Okay. Donkey mouth! That's a terrible guess. That's a terrible drawing! Hello? We weren't invited because you stink at this game. At least I can draw! Excuse me. Just need a signature. Yeah, sure. Okay. Here we go. There. Thank you. Yep. That's not a signature. You drew a cat. Thank you. Perfect freaking harmony. That's when it hit me. Maybe it's not the cold confines of a moving vehicle that brings out the worst in my kids. Maybe I bring out the worst in them when there's no funlovin' Music around to neutralize my toxins. I was in a full shame spiral. Aah! A bee! And then something wonderful happened. I got it! Ow! You idiot! FM5280 Smooth Jazz don't! Haven't you heard of colony collapse? Bees are endangered! Okay, guys, stand still. They can't see you if you're not moving. It's coming near me! Aah! Aah! Do I look like a bee?! No, that was an accident! Well, so is this! Everyone remain calm!

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