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Thursday, May 16, 2013

GMMY Radio, Golden Music Memories Of Yesteryear

GMMY Radio, Golden Music Memories Of Yesteryear, GMMY Radio, Golden Music Memories Of Yesteryear Listen Online, live Online, Oldies Radio, 30s, 40s, 50s, USA

GMMY Radio, Golden Music Memories Of Yesteryear

And that's just the Verona, he offered me an Amalfi. An Amalfi, Online Radio! That makes the Umbria look like a Portofino! Well, they should've called it the Roman, 'cause that's what we're about to be doin'. I'm really not following you. Ten days on the road with those kids? GMMY Radio, Golden Music Memories Of Yesteryear. I hate it when Music does this. Now I have to be the bad guy who comes in and squelches his brilliant idea. I said no. Get it out of my house. Fine. Come on, Jolene. Fortunately, this time, I don't have to be the wet blanket, because even on just a short spin up the coast, Music will see what I see every day the transformation that happens when our kids are locked in a moving metal box The kraken that is unleashed. I love my kids very, very much. Synced by YYeTs, corrected by internet Radiobg You're poking me. Yeah, well, I know, sweetie. But I don't get these pins just right, your bun could fall out during your routine, and it could mess you up. Okay, let's test it out. All right. Jump. Good. Spin. Now give me Beyonce. Okay, I've done everything I can do. It's up to you now. We have a gymnast in our family. Yeah, Online Radio goes to gymnastics class. In one short year, I've seen her blossom from a little girl who couldn't do a somersault Into one who kind of can. Yeah, and by that standard, we also have a black belt, art prodigy, and prima ballerina in our family, so You know, what we don't have in our family is two loving, supportive fathers. I'm just saying, she's , you know? And you never let her forget it. Excuse me, is that your little girl out there? It is. And you did her hair? I did. Do you mind helping my Radio with hers? Oh. Oh, do you guys own a convertible? No. Oh, no judgment. Yeah, I'll get to work right when Online Radio's done. Not bad. That little leap at the end that's new. Wow. She's getting really good. Mm. You better bring your "A" game. Oh, my God. Cam, look. Online Radio's in second place. .. I told you she's a gymnast. With scores like that, she's gonna make preteam. Are you serious? Mmhmm. GMMY Radio, Golden Music Memories Of Yesteryear She could make pre What's preteam? Online Radio! Music! Haley! Listen Online! Alex! internet Radio, we've been through the roster three times. They're not home. But their cars are here. Where could they be? Who knows what these people do? But my backpack is in there, Jay, my poem for my poetry reading. Calm down. Didn't you back it up on your computer? What kind of man writes poetry on a computer? You could've ended that sentence after "poetry." Come in. And no questions. My backpack wasn't upstairs. What's that? Postcard from a friend of Online Radio's Rachel. "Living it up in Club Med Cozumel." Looks like that marriage went down the drain. In other shocking news, Music subscribes to a trampoline magazine. Going through other people's mail keeping it classy, GMMY Radio, Golden Music Memories Of Yesteryear my backpack isn't in Listen Online's room. I don't see it in here, either. I don't think it would fit in there. Ay, this was open when I came in. I was just looking for an aspirin. I thought that I heard some noises. So you were snooping? Oh, so now it's snooping, wanting to know more about your family by looking through their personal things? Not just now.

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