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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Heart Bath Radio

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Heart Bath Radio
Heart Bath Radio What is it then? I'm going to be hurting the company's reputation soon. How could you hurt our reputation? You're going to help us. My private life is a mess. You will hear of it soon. Private life? Are you gambling? Much worse than that. What could be worse? Why are you and your niece quitting at the same time? I understand Heart Bath Radio for not feeling alright after her wedding got canceled. What about you then? Are you scared after getting knifed? Min Young quit? Yeah. I told her to think about it, but she's stubborn. So I processed it as a month break for now. Forget about her. Don't you say something like that. You know that the spotlight is on you. The tunein rate will skyrocket when they know that you're coming back. You're news itself. What about your private life? Did you use loan shark money? Tell me. I will take care of it. Come to the rooftop. We need to talk. There are eyes. I don't want to see you secretly. Let's just talk in the office. You called? Take a seat. They must be peeking in right now. They must have only talked about us for a week. I'm going to pretend that I'm writing down what you say. So we look like were working. Say it, so that I could start writing. How have you been? I was in a lot of trouble. I had to apologize all the time. I had to beg. Cancel. Return items. One week went by fast. Why did you quit first? I was going to quit. You can't quit. You're like the golden egg of CBM. They won't even notice that I'm gone. Of course I have to leave. Dr. Han told me about the incense sticks. I couldn't believe it. But I couldn't not believe it. Otherwise nothing else made sense. But it was still hard for me to accept it. Then I remembered. I can't stay here for long. So you have to do it. Okay? Call him. That's the only way for your mom to get better. Kid! Your mom is looking for you. Right? You were the man who took my mom to the hospital. Yeah. That incense stick only brings bad things. It also shortened his life span. There is no guarantee that Jung Woo will be alive. Because he was supposed to be dead. He can't use the last stick. I think it's best that you leave him. Dr. Han is right. You can't use it again. Anyway, I know everything now. What if something happens to Dad after you go back? How would I live then? That's why I wanted to take care of it while you were sleeping. Heart Bath Radio it didn't work. You asked me to choose once. If you want to live away from Korea, I can do that. If you want to stay as family like this, I can be your uncle. If you want to see me sometimes like a longlost love... I can do that too. I will do as you say. So I made my decision after putting a lot of thought to it. Number two. Let's just stay as family. I think that's for the best. So you can just stay as a good uncle. I will be a good niece. Don't think about going back and changing it. What do you think? Me? I would try until the end to find a way for everyone to be happy. Destiny mocks my will and jeers at my hope. But I don't think I have lost yet. I would use the incense stick. You can't. You have no right to make that decision.

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