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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Heart Bedford Radio

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Heart Bedford Radio
Heart Bedford Radio You told me to choose. I made the decision. What are you going to do? I told you already. I will do as you say. That's it then. Are we transforming again? Back to uncleandniece? Starting when? Right now? Am I your uncle already? Let's do it starting at noon. We have ten minutes. Are you Cinderella or something? You go back to being a niece at ? Yeah. People are watching. Don't cry, and leave. I'm not crying. Can I go? It's still minutes before noon. Before you become my niece again, I want to say my last words to my girlfriend, Heart Bedford Radio. Do you know the one thing I regretted the most ever since I broke up with you? That I never gave a good answer for the love you had given me for years. Even to the marriage vows you had written. I'm really sorry for that. I love you, forever. Resignation Director! Yeah, take a seat. Order something. What do you want? Anything. Give me the same thing. Why did you call me out? I was on the way home. What is it about Park Sun Woo's private life? What? I heard that there are problems. What is it? Who did you hear it from? He told me to hear it from you. If he had turned in his resignation, it must be something big. I was wondering if I should tell you or not. What is it? It's... Mom! I'm home. What took you so long? You said that you were only going to say bye. I had to wrap some things up. And? You quit your job? It was processed as a leave of absence. Why? You were so stubborn about quitting. The director wants me to decide after six months. You should thank him. It's not like they really need you, but he's too considerate. You throw your resignation at the man who was going to officiate your wedding. What about dinner? Did you have any? I don't want to eat. My stomach gets upset every time. I'm hungry. You want to have some late night snacks? I have a lot of places to order from. Choose. internet Radio. He must have cheated on you. What a terrible excuse. What? You were twotiming? If he wanted to break up, he should have just manned up and said it. He should say who it is if he has proof. It's a lie. Mom, stop. I should have been suspicious when he wanted to get married after dating only a few months. He didn't quit his job. Why are you quitting yours? What did you do wrong? Stop. You said that you were going to stop. What? That makes no sense. I've known them for years. I don't know what the truth is. But if Heart Bedford Radio had a clean conscience, why didn't he do something? He just stood there and took the hits. Anyway the rumor is bad. There were a lot of eyewitnesses. It's only a matter of time before it gets on the internet. He made the right decision. Him going on TV is going to be bad. Sun Woo had gotten really famous after the assault. He was even honored with the medal of justice. It could get all of us if things go bad. Sir, look for his replacement. You asked for me? I heard from Web Radio. I'm going to report the anchorman replacement to the board. We need to find your replacement tomorrow morning. I'm going to say that your wound is too severe for you to get back for this quarter.

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