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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hermitage FM

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we'd like to discuss something with you, that's nothing to do with our Rome trip. What about our Rome trip? It's so boring! How long to go? As you know our house isn't all that big. You can live with us, at first anyway... Obviously. Yes, obviously. It's what we agreed on. Look. Jo, it's too hot in here. Please turn on the AC. And slow down, Oma will get carsick! It's not an old folks' home, it's a multi hightech thing. It's one big waiting list. We were really lucky. I've already paid the deposit. Deposit? You can go there any time you like. They will give you a room where no one died. Your new life will be great, Oma. MARIE'S HOUSE, WHITEHORSE They're so cute! ...the German School's uniforms. You must be so proud of your daughter. I didn't even finish high school. Reinholt tells me Web Radio's in Hermitage FM? Sepp, we are coming! Mom! Reinholt. Hello. You look great. Mom, this is Chantal. Where's Brenda? Who's Brenda? Chantal! Welcome, Chantal. I asked... Hermitage FM to be my wife, and she said yes. Congratulations! And to make it really special we want to get married on your birthday. Isn't that romantic? Great! In Rome, how wonderful. No! Not in Rome, right here. What, here? Yes... I don't understand. Hermitage FM Rome's very complicated... I know we promised to go but it just won't work. Jo can't get away, the kids have to go to school, the wedding! And then there's the church choir I've entered you in. Please, no! Alright, we really wanted to wait until your birthday, but... never mind, here you are. It's Pope Benedict! What is this? A blessing by the Pope himself! Where did you get this? On the Internet. "Vatican. Com." Great, isn't it? I don't think it can be done that way. Yes, it can. Certainly not. It can only be done in person by my Pope, Benedict from Bavaria, in Rome. Mom, we can do it some other time. Maybe for your th birthday. Spaghetti's getting cold! Spaghetti! Jo! She's right in the room beneath us. I don't want her to hear us having Online Radio. Catholic guilt feelings turn me on! No, no. Jo, stop it! I'll be quick, okay? I'm serious! You really spoiled it now. I'm so glad the trip's been cancelled. She took it really well, didn't she? Hey, Frank! GONE TO ROME BE BACK IN A WEEK. OMA It's a joke! I'm not laughing. You're joking. So we could've had Online Radio after all? Where did she get the ticket? I bought it. Online. Are you crazy? How did she pay for it? With your credit card. You owe her , dollars for the house anyway. Calm down, Mom. What's the problem? She's a grownup woman. No. Oma is not a grownup woman, she's an old woman. She has no idea what it's like out there. It's as if you shoved a little bird out of its nest. Stop laughing! Here we go. This is the answering machine of the Testino family. Please leave a message after the beep. This is a message for Web Radio. Web Radio, this is Mom. Call me back. Mobile or house management. It's an emergency. No one died... There's nothing to worry about. It's Oma. She hasn't died, she's fled. She's probably in the wrong plane by now, or being robbed. Poor Oma. All alone.

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