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Friday, May 3, 2013

Hotmix 108

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Every week she sends me application forms for some university. But you do want to study? I don't know yet. Your mom wants you to be happy. I am happy. Here. Look. She wants to put you in a home? She wants me to be happy, too. Oma, you... You can't... No one wants to put you anywhere. Well... No, really, I love you so much. That's nice. Tell her it's normal for a man to sleep with his woman. If she freaks out start screaming. What's he saying? That you're totally right and you shouldn't take it. She really bugs me! Why don't you tell it to her face, just like that? I can't do it, Oma. Whatever I tell Mom, she always worries. What's this? Pepper spray. Pepper spray? Well, she forced me to buy it. For me? Ridiculous. Promise to have it at hand, always. Never! Oma... No. Never. Over my dead body! Hotmix 108 Please! We'll both be in trouble. I'm no longer afraid of your mother. Not anymore. Okay, fine. So tell her. Call her. Me? Yes. I can't. Go on, tell her you won't carry that shit around. Tell her you think it's internet Radio. Tell her also there's no Catholic family, that I work at a rock bar and am shacked up with him! What? I don't believe it. It's true. Shacked up? You finally told her! I can answer my phone again. Bravo! I don't believe it. Let her go. Hotmix 108 Let go of her! Oma, are you crazy? I must go see the Pope. He'll be here any minute. I've been praying for this moment for years. Me too. Could you watch my bag for a minute? I'll be right back. Yes... Present here today are the sisters of the Order of Saint Giorgio and the sisters of the Order of Saint Angelo. Excuse me. You should be ashamed of yourself. Sit down, you're blocking my sight. Don't you understand? I saw you. On your little motorbike. Vespa. You will go to hell for this. Heaven and hell are nonsense. You don't really believe all that? My Benedict! Oh, God! You attacked the Pope with pepper spray? Oma, you attacked the Pope with pepper spray? No, no, no. I've tried to explain to everyone here a hundred times! I peppersprayed the blind man! A blind man? Oh, just stop it! Are you her granddaughter? Yes, she's my Nonna. I don't understand. Well, your grandmother... Has she shown any signs of religious fanaticism recently? Or of mental disorder? Hotmix 108 Darling! No. She adores the Pope. There you are, my darling! There he is. That's the blind man. Stop him! Of course I'm blind! Blinded by my love for you, my angel who fell from the sky. How will you ever forgive me? Play along or you'll go to jail. Who the hell are you? Forgive me. May I present myself: internet Radio Bruzzone, her fiancée. You can't stay here. Get out, right now! I understand, but please let me explain this terrible injustice, this terrible misunderstanding. It's all my fault. This woman is an angel. All we wanted was to gain the Pope's blessing before our wedding. How can I explain? I think... That's it, I remember now. There was a woman sitting near me. Some way away. I glanced at her. Only briefly. Okay, maybe a little too closely. This enraged my fiancée. It sent her into a crazy fit of jealousy.

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