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Friday, May 3, 2013

House Nation UK

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Okay, maybe I said one word too many. But just look at her. She'd never have wanted to hurt the Pope. It was I, coward, who ducked, and that's why she hit the Holy Father. It's all my fault. Mine alone. She's innocent. Put me in prison. Please, do something. I beg you. Just don't harm this dear, innocent woman. She's the love of my life. She has a heart as big as the world. Can you forgive me? I've made you some tea, for all it's worth. What's wrong with us? When did we turn into this average couple with an average life and average fights? We have a house, two cars... and nothing but problems. Where's all the fun gone? You're talking about Online Radio. Because we're not having Online Radio for the moment. For the moment? Yes, because I'm too worn out just now. Have you been listening to a word I said? I don't give a shit about Online Radio! I don't care if we never have Online Radio again until the day I die! I miss laughing together, kissing. When was the last time we just kissed? I miss our bike tours. I miss breakfast in bed Sunday mornings. I miss a thousand things! But Online Radio is not at the top of that list! I miss the woman I fell in love with. That funny, relaxed, easygoing girl. I miss her, too. Well that was a narrow escape. Yes and no. It isn't over until Benedict has forgiven me. What made me do this, Web Radio? The press is waiting outside. What? But they won't recognize you. Perfect. The judge is a wise man. We Italians have a great respect for love's folly. The only thing that works round here. Viva Italia! Come on, Baby, we have to go. No, I'll take her home first. No, you go on. I'll walk. I need fresh air. You go. I'll take care of her. Excuse me! Wait a moment! Signora, excuse me. You're a crook. Please. Be a good Catholic. Forgive me. You know what I don't understand? Yes. Why didn't the Pope duck, too? He's just not as quick as I am! You obviously have no respect for religion or the Catholic church. Who would want the blessing of the boss of an institution he doesn't even believe in? Boss? Leader, boss, chief, representative! Why am I talking to you? If you'd just stop for a minute, I'd explain. Oh, excuse me. I'm listening. I lost a bet, and in Italy if you lose a bet, you go to see the Pope. You are a weak man. Excuse me... I'm sorry, but... Why do you keep running away? Excuse me. Just married. Thank you. Here's a good idea: I want to marry you. What? Just in pretense. I have no idea why you're so intent on getting the Pope's blessing, but it's very important to you, otherwise you wouldn't have flown across the world. I came here because I have sinned. And now I seek forgiveness. Why should he forgive you? The Vatican will hold another blessing ceremony for newlyweds in a few days. If we were to present a wedding license at that date, a fake one, of course, which you can get anywhere, they'd let us in without a doubt. They'll recognize me. No. You'll be wearing a beautiful veil down to your chin and a wonderful wedding dress. And then, the music... But that's impossible. The sacrament of marriage is holy to me. Very well.

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