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Friday, May 3, 2013

Sun Country 99.5

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Sun Country 99.5
That's it then. It can't be done. You're right. Such a pity. Would've solved everything. Both our problems. Don't you trust Web Radio? Which part of this Pope affair doesn't sound like big trouble to you? You didn't even see her face. I know the back of my mother's head. Don't worry about your mother. Worry about yourself, about us! Have you got your pills? With your fear of flying, you won't even make it to Toronto. For the th time: I'm no longer afraid of flying. You're afraid of everything, Marie. I just can't. Mom never taught me. Do something! Find a cook, a Chinese, for all I care. We have to make money, so I can pay my debts. Get it? Then I won't have to waste my time going to the Vatican. Signora Preiselbeere! How nice to see you again. Got anything to eat? Yes. That's good. "Jealousy drama and true love!" Have a seat. Well this is perfect! Do you want to get rid of your sins, or not? I have a clearcut plan. You two are intimate? Intimate business partners. Don't worry. So... You will become my wife? Just pretending to. Sun Country 99.5 What's in it for me? You can settle your silly debt. No, no, no. Business is always give and take. Very well, I give you the Pope, what's in it for me? She cooks like a goddess! The Schnitzel yesterday was hers. I knew it wasn't yours! Nor the potatoes. Am I right? Right, here's the deal: You do the cooking here, make the place a success, and in return I'll marry you. You're quite a character. Filou! Si! Deal! You meet me at the church at . We'll get married. There's no way out. I'm Dino and I don't have a clue how I'm going to pay you. From my tips. I'm good. I'm Oma! To Oma in Roma. NEW Sun Country 99.5 CUISINE Greetings! Today's menu: Pancake soup, Wiener Schnitzel with fried potatoes and... preiselbeere! Radio and one Online Radio. Radio. They are Oma's Schnitzels! Radio, three Online Radio. That's too much. Come and help me. Impossible. Too busy. You do it. Nothing's impossible! Hello? Yes. I'll be right over. Anything happened? It was internet Radio. My Mama is from Germany, too. She's been in a coma for weeks. Every few days I get a call that she's dying. But she can't let go. She wanted me to carry on here, be as successful as she was. But I'm done for. I'm a lousy cook. A total loser. I'm a great disappointment to Mama. Dino! Good? Good. Thank you. Mama, my new chef, Oma. You can be proud of your son, Liselotta. Very proud. Web Radio, there's an old woman. She insists... Shit! No, at the door. Send her in. Hello, Oma. Wow. Yeah, wow. I need a drink badly. Coke? Perfect. With something strong. Dad called. Mom's flying in tomorrow. What? Good God! But why? Because of us. Because we can't do anything right. So here's to our last day of freedom. Oma rocks! What are you hiding behind your back? Web Radio doesn't want you to see it. Sun Country 99.5 Why doesn't everyone stop treating me like a demented old woman, and now you, too? Hand it over! Do you really believe none of us smoked in our time. Bravo, Nonna! And sorry about the saucepan. Would it be okay for you, if Web Radio married someone like me? Love will find a way.

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