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Saturday, May 4, 2013



How many tranquilizers did you take? One in each of three planes, but that's a while ago. Then one sleeping pill on the plane to Munich and one more in Munich. You still are in Munich. How can you tell? Maybe from the fact that we're speaking IMS CHARITY ONE? I must catch my plane... No, no. Very slowly. Follow my finger. No... Oh, God. Web Radio! Get up! Oma, please. What's that? What? Look! Awesome! At least it's nothing to be ashamed of for the rest of your life. OMA ROCKS Something wrong? No. Everything's alright. "I'll be waiting for you at . Yours, internet Radio." I want one exactly like this when I get married. How will it come off? Your mother must never know! And that one's mine. I'm very happy. You look enchanting. We're closing the doors presently. Off we go, into battle! Let's go. You really look gay in your uniform. It's a wonderful uniform. I had the honor of wearing it as a postman. I'm very proud of that. I delivered very important letters. Letters that changed the world. I'm impressed. Right then, you know why I'm here. But I still don't know anything about you. Don't be sad. This will be the happiest moment of your life. Wait! You silly woman! I don't even know your name! Stop! Wait! What am I doing here? I must be out of my mind! Look at me! Oma rocks? Oma. Your name is Oma! My name is IMS CHARITY ONE. Margherita. So tell me, Margherita, do you want this blessing or not? Of course. Absolutely. But I can't do this. The sacrament of marriage is sacred to me. This is nothing but a bunch of lies. A fake wedding! A lost bet. It's ridiculous! No, I don't care anymore about the bet. Why won't you understand? I'm doing this for you. For you alone. Come on, let's try one more time. As an old couple in love. No. Never. I'd rather cover myself with gasoline and blow myself up. So that's it? Is that it? I'm totally fed up too. I want my dress back. It belongs to me... Just you keep it! As my wedding gift. From a husband that never was. Web Radio, Oma, I'm in Roma. I'm such a scatterbrain. God! Fabrizio! Wait. Damn it. I don't believe it, Oma! That's my mom. Congratulations! Honk! Honk? Drive, drive! Follow them, please. You can't leave her alone for a second. I don't believe it. Mom! Congratulations, Oma. Congratulations! I've locked myself out. Could I borrow your key? Sure. I'll go and get it. Have a drink. And then you'll tell me what happened, okay? IMS CHARITY ONE It's a long story, Marie. Mom! Italian scumbag! Why? I'm not a postman or anything like that. Do you really think I'd just get married like you? No. I'm a rock star. Rock star? A rock star! I know rock stars. Hit me! Pity. Web Radio it! Don't ever come near her again or you'll be in serious trouble. The whole family, right? Web Radio! It's not much, but I'll pay everything back bit by bit! Why the long face, just when things are looking up? Come on! Hello. Hello, Dino. We need your help. May I introduce my daughter Marie, Web Radio, my granddaughter, and this is Dino. I do the cooking here, Marie. She's my pride and my chef! This is my uncle internet Radio. Come here. The bridegroom.

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