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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Insight Extra

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Insight Extra
What? Insight Extra You flew over just for the wedding? Drop it. What wedding? Little bugger! I really loved him. I know, Dear. I hope he drops dead! I know, Dear. How can I go on living without him? How could you live with him? He's old, he's almost older than I am. I know it hurts. And you probably won't believe it now, it's going to last for a long, long time, but then, suddenly, the pain is gone. I know what I'm talking about. I'm hungry. "German tourist attacks Pope. Jealousy drama!" But this uncle... internet Radio. You weren't really going to marry him, were you? Thank God! Why? It would've killed me. I like internet Radio. I KNOW I SCREWED THINGS UP I hate Online Radio! Right. Don't ever talk to me about Italian Men. I'm so glad it's all over and I got here just in time. Unbelievable, what a mess! Tomorrow we're all flying home. I've already booked the tickets. Mom, I'm not coming. Just leave me alone! Bet you are! Or are you still trying to tell me you're preparing for Uni here? Go away! Mom, you're coming, too. That's enough! I've had it. Not another word! And stop shouting at us! Just leave us in peace! Why did you come here at all? What a question, Mom? My baby in that hell bar with a shady gigolo who cheats on her! My mother's in jail, in a wedding dress about to marry some swindler... internet Radio's not a swindler. ...just to deceive the Pope into giving her his blessing. Great Insight Extra you are! Why don't you ever trust me or Web Radio? Mom! Why don't you concentrate on your own life, instead of sticking your nose into ours? We're old enough! Web Radio is... I hate Online Radio! She's much more mature than you were. Okay, I made mistakes. But since I came here, I've felt alive. I'm alive. I feel! Mom, what's wrong? Why are you so mad at me? I hate Online Radio! Still because of the old folks' home? Look, it's all down to me. I'm responsible for you, Web Radio, the kids... If only Jo were here. You never let him decide anything either! And I miss Dad so much. Our Dad! He is missed everywhere. Damn it, pick up the phone! PICK UP THE PHONE, LITTLE ONE. PLEASE! Mrs. Schachtschnabel had the hots for Dad, too. Yes, I really loved Loisl, our Dad. He was such a dashing guy and a wonderful dancer. The first time I saw him was... Insight Extra At Thanksgiving. In the neighboring village. He came over and asked me to dance. I was on cloud nine. He never said much. But act he did! In times of trouble he always knew what to do. That's why I went with him... ...Right to the end of the world! And in all those years, I swear, there was never anyone else. Never. Except this one time. This was before we emigrated to Canada. I can't understand it myself now. There was this Italian musician...

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