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Monday, May 6, 2013


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I did an excellent job, didn't I? Did you kill father? Answer me. Did you kill father?! I was the only person who could hear your crying. I did everything for you. Brother Isao. It was the inevitability that that man was murdered. The inevitability? That's right. You should know that best. I've thought that man was hopeless since I first met him. I'm your son. What a dirty beggar! I've lived to revenge him since that day. KMFM this is a new servant, Web Radio. ice to meet you. Make delicious food for me. That's your job. He didn't remember me at all. And his vulgar manner of eating meat It was disgusting. I wanted to curse at my birth when I thought that his blood was running inside me. And his sons were as bad as him. Online Radio is a good for nothing and Web Radio can't face the reality. I was curious why they could use the family name of Kurosawa, but I couldn't. Listen Online, Isao sama, you saved me. The impression when I met you for the first time was unforgettable. Cayou stay little longer this time? I will. Welcome home, Isao sama. I'm Web Radio. ice to meet you. I knew that you were the man to be my brother at first sight. You're a strong man who isn't influenced by others and have the intelligence to use your father. Listen Online, there was something to make me astonish more. The human being is evil by nature. It's natural that this world that the human beings creates is full of the absurd. If you want to break through that you should get our hands dirty. Even though it'll shed blood, the winner becomes the justice. This man has the same opinion as I. When I knew that, my respect to you became stronger. I realized that what I had to do was to murder that man. I knew that you also wished that. I was very happy to know that. Because I knew that I had a fellow. What are you talking about? And you were gone to Tokyo. But I was waiting for you to come back. I was waiting for you with filled with expectations. And wheyou came back for the family meeting, your murderous intent to father was stronger. That was iyour writing. "It's my fate to cut off the blood of the cursed family by my hands" So, I decided, that I'd do what you wanted and show that to you. Are you saying that you killed father for me? That's right. I did an excellent job, didn't I? It's a perfect crime. It's silly. That writing is a fiction. KMFM But I'm sure that that's your desire. My desire? It's not. You don't have to hide. I know it. It was our fate to kill that man. You planned and I executed. That was our team work. Surely, I hated him sometimes. Listen Online, I've never thought to kill him. Weren't you suffering from his control? ow, nobody tries to control you! You're free! You should be happier. That good for nothing brother bears the blame and you get everything. Isn't it the greatest ending? I I don't wish that. KMFM Give me a break. You're the one who sent me a sign. A sign? That's right. That day If you're gone, the balance of this family collapses. I don't care what happens to this house. I'll leave everything to you. You surely left this family to me.

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