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Monday, May 6, 2013

Kool London

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Kool London
That was why I carried out. Kool London And Online Radio called me at a good timing. Are you Web Radio? Is Kurumi there? o, she isn't. Listen Online Sir told me that she would come here tonight. At that time, I was convinced, that God supported me. I pretended to get food poisoning. Thank you. What's wrong? Web Radio! Are you all right? Web Radio! I made Online Radio san go out instead of me. And Online Radio came here. What are you doing?! Stop it! Get your hands off! Murderer! Hey, somebody! Kool London A murderer is here! Sir, what happened? Online Radio san? Online Radio san! Online Radio san. I'll call , so please stay at your room. Online Radio didn't kill Sir. Instead, he just punched him, pushed Online Radio san over stairs and left. Online Radio was really a good for nothing who did everything by halves. That was why I had no choice but to execute him. Executed him? The weapon was a figurine that Online Radio touched. Web Radio! What the hell are you doing? What's going on?! As you wished, I broke off the dirty blood. That man was the devil of this world. He should have been executed. Didn't you think that that was justice too? Even though father was an evil man, you or we have no right to judge him. We do! I knew that you thought that the dirty blood grew vigorously and spread a poison, unless we murdered him. What I or we did should be praised, but it should never been blamed. If he still arrived, we wouldn't have future. That's not the right reason to commit murder. Do you say that we should just watch father who continues committing crimes? That shameless father! Even he is so, son shouldn't kill father! Since I'm his son, I have a responsibility to execute a shameful parent! That's nonsense. Why do you tell a lie to me? Lie? I've watched you for a long time. You who was controlled by him and lost your will. Your mother was killed by him. My mother also was abandoned and killed by him! We're the same. Even though you try to tell a lie to me, I know how you feel. I could feel your humiliation That you were influenced by him just because you're his son. He acted big and did whatever he wanted to satisfy his desire. I thought that I couldn't but kill him. That was why I did such a disgusting thing too. I executed him instead of you. Everything I did was for you. I did that for you. Brother Isao. Stop it! We're different! Why don't you admit it?! I even had poison for you! I risked my life! Why don't you praise me?! Surely, I hated father to kill him. Kool London I was ashamed that he was my father. I know. Me too! Listen Online, I didn't want to be caught up iThat feeling. I wrote a novel for prevent from committing a crime. So, I'm different from you who moved your feeling to action. I've conflicted with murderous intent and hatred for father since I could remember. I've thought how I could settle this feeling, or how I could soothe that. I've been worried about how to deal with that for a long time. Don't act like you understand me. Brother. You have no right to call me brother! We're related by blood! That doesn't do anything!

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