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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Krystal Radio

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Krystal Radio

They had two kids my Aunt Basha and my father, Krystal Radio In , he met my mother, Helen. They married. Seven months later, I was born. These things happen, even in good Catholic families. My only memory of my father was when Krystal Radio homered to win the World Series. Web Radio and my father screamed like lunatics. I hid under my bed thinking something awful had happened. It was about to. Just after Christmas, I was told my father had been killed in a place called Vietnam. Even after my dad died, Mom and I would visit Web Radio every weekend. She seemed to understand him better than anyone. Then in the summer of ', she was suddenly taken away as well. I decided I was bad luck to have around. Man On TV Speaking Russian Dupa ranei pusci. Papa. Speaking Polish He don't understand Polish. "May your ass sprout boils while you sleep." Man See, I told her when Basha's brother got killed in the army. I said to Helen, "You're a widow with a young son. You got to plan for the future." But did she listen? People always think they're gonna live forever. So, what are we gonna do about Radio? Well, I suppose he could stay with us and finish out the school year. We got three of our own already, Bets. We're squeezing out the door. What about a church home? That's not a bad idea. Let the nuns take care of him. Man He'd get a good education. Rest of the boys would be his family. Woman Geez, I don't know. Ah, face it, sweetie. Neither of us got the room or the money to take on another kid. A home. It's the best idea. You can all stop talking. My grandson is moving in here with me. Krystal Radio, you can't possibly do it! I raised you and your brother, didn't I? Didn't turn out too bad. Your taste in men always stunk. But nobody's perfect. That's unfair, Krystal Radio. Oh, stop calling me Papa. Suppose we send you to a home, you fat son of a bitch. See how you like it! Papa, be reasonable. Ah, reasonable. Reason and family got nothing to do with one another. Radio's six years old. He comes to live with you. He gets attached And then, God forbid, in two years, four years, something could happen to you! What could happen? Anything. Anything? What? Woman Web Radio, you're not a young man no more. You could get sick. You're not gonna live forever. Stop worrying about me, 'cause I'll bury all of ya. Papa, will you listen? The child stays! Conversation over. The man has the personality of a clenched fist. I heard that! Stash, would you shut up? Speaking Listen Online, black or white? The usual? He'll have black too, Bolek. It's on the house. Am I coming to stay with you now? Well, if you want. That's your decision. Good. Settled. For how long? For as long as you need me. Good. Settled. How come you whistled at the funeral? No one else did. Well, sometimes when your heart is broke it's good to whistle. Is your heart broke? But it's still beating. Otherwise, I would be dead too. Mine too. I can't whistle. Well, that's easy. You just take your lips, and you make an "O." Now blow. Whistling That's good. You got talent. I got it. Shouting Man Get outta my way! Man Underneath ya! Ow! Hey, you! Give the kid back his ball.

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