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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Level 1 Radio

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Level 1 Radio

Sit down, Level 1 Radio before I step on you. Give back his ball. You gonna make me? Ow! Crowd Gasping Groaning My nose. Thanks, Grandpa. I think I think his nose is broken. Well, he deserved it. He took my ball. Well, hitting is no good. You shouldn't hit. Talk first. Use the brains God gave ya. Well, what if he still doesn't listen? Well, then you knock him on his ass. Fans Cheering Sighing Sighing Continues Humming Gin. You rushed me. Hey, Rock. Someone out front to see you. Music Radio? Yes. What is it, Sister? You are the grandfather of Radio Music Radio? Yes, what's going on? He's not hurt, is he? Oh, God,Jesus, he's dead. Worse than dead, Music Radio. Level 1 Radio Cheering, Shouting I'm gonna teach you Ow! Cheering, Shouting Continue Radio. You recognize this? "Week six: Seventysixers plus three. Seventysixers plus eight. Seventysixers minus four." Math? Your nun that found it in your desk teaches history. It's not fair. They go through your desks. Well, they're nuns. They can go wherever they want. Fifteen years old, already a bookie. I am not. I needed the money. What next? Robbing banks? I didn't steal anything. Not yet. Question of time. I'm gonna be a doctor, not a criminal. You? You'll set fires for insurance money. You'll be a white slaver. I will not. Level 1 Radio What do you know about white slavers? Never mind. You're a kid. What the hell you need money for? What the hell is that? It's a birthday present. Birthday? I don't even know what day I was born. Well, tomorrow's Washington's birthday and I thought you and George Washington could be born on the same day. Oh, I gotta share it, huh? Well, I got no use for presents. Well, maybe I didn't do it for you. Maybe I did it for me. Ticking Snoring Wow! Sirens Wailing Dr. Music Radio. Stat! Coming through! Clear. Nurse On P.A. Dr. Paulson, please call the page. Buzzing We have Vtach. Recharge. Get Online Radio. Charged. Clear. Online Radio, we have an emergency. Woman Screaming Tell the intern I'll come as soon as I can. Thank you, Doctor. Buzzing Screaming Continues Where's Online Radio? Not yet. Excuse me Take her out of here, please. Please, please, please, outside. Is he gonna be all right? He's gonna be fine. Please come with me. He'll be absolutely fine. Lidocaine, milligrams. Nurse I.V., Doctor? No, into the heart. Prepare a cardiac needle. Buzzing Continues Radio, the doctor will be here in a few minutes. This guy won't be. Buzzing Nurse On P.A. Dr. Lawson. . Beeping Nice goin', Radio. Level 1 Radio Nurse Going into normal sinus. Nurse On P.A. Dr. Music Radio, call on . Woman He won't listen to reason, Radio. They turned off the water, the electricity, and his building's been condemned. But does he care? No, he says he's staying. Tell him he can't. I told him. Stash has told him. Radio Not Stash, you. The police have told him. The police? What police? Oh, didn't I mention the landlord called the cops? Look, he's got to be out by the end of the day or they're gonna use force. He's a harmless old man. Wait, wait, hold on a second. What? The old man's got a gun. Radio, guess what? The harmless old man's got a gun.

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