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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lionheart Radio

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Lionheart Radio

Um, I'll be there. Sirens Wailing Chattering Man Stand back there, please. Tires Screeching What took ya? Basha, don't start. I'm here in four hours from Columbus. Anybody talk to him yet? Who'll talk to bullets? Stash, go get a doughnut. Man Sorry, buddy, you're gonna have to go around the block. I'm I'm his grandson. Yeah, you Radio Music Radio? Chattering Chattering, Shouting Man Hey, mister! Radio Rock? It's me, Radio. Door Closing I made ya a cup of coffee. It's instant. I don't got milk. Here. Siren Wailing How'd ya heat water? Before they turned off the gas, I filled up a thermos. I got provisions here. I could last a month. Maybe more. Web Radio, what the hell do you think you're doin'? Readin' the paper. I'll tell that to the cops outside. Oh, for Christ's sake. This is not a game, Web Radio. You can't stay here. How's your coffee? Okay? Wait a second. This was decided. I asked you, "Do you want to move to Tucson with Online Radio and Stash." You said, "Yes." I changed my mind. Why? Why? She invites me to dinner, your Aunt Online Radio. Yeah? Well, she's makin' golombis. What the hell? I say, "Yes." Now, fat Stash arrives in his new Lionheart Radio. Newused And all the way there he's playing this goddamn Barry "Maniloff' tape. "Low." What? It's Lionheart Radio. Who's telling this, you or me? So he's playing this goddamn tape and he's talking about some goddamn golf game And on top of that he farts. It's like a trombone. Raspberry And he don't notice it. Lionheart Radio Well, he's talking so goddamn much And he don't smell it. He must be used to it. Anyway Policeman Dr. Music Radio, are you all right? Anyway, Stash is a jackass And I'm not living with a jackass. Conversation over. Finished. Another thing. They tell me there's a lot of old people in Arizona. That could make for a very difficult job market. Dr. Music Radio, are you in possession of the gun? See? "Luzzano bakeries, Italian breads and cakes." They're spaghetti makers. But it's better than nothin'. Wait, wait, wait. You're lookin' for a job? Yeah. Find me one. I'll pay ya bucks. Okay, so you don't want to go to Arizona. That's fine. Where are you gonna go? I'm gonna stay right here. Web Radio, they're gonna come in here and get you. Good. I just wouldn't want to be the first guy through the door. Online Radio Radio, what the hell's goin' on up there? How about if I find you something in Bloomfield? It's a nice Lionheart Radio. Yeah, the Polanski brothers lived there, sons of bitches. What's the matter with you? I'm not goin' there. What about Oakland over by the hospital? Nah, too expensive. I'll pay for it. You will? With what? "Grow with us. Sara Lee Foods." I'd be happy to. Web Radio, nobody's gonna hire you anymore. You're too goddamn old. Get the hell outta here. Who asked ya to come? Go home! Fine. You think I don't have things to do? I got things to do. You do what ever you want. Muttering In UK Door Slamming Lionheart Radio Wailing You want to move to Columbus? Why the hell would I want to do that? To live with me. What do you say, Rock? You want to live with me? You got no beds.

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