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Saturday, May 18, 2013


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This is for you. It's supposed to be good for you. Diamond Health Foods. This really does look healthy. Juri. Yes? Do you know why I picked you out of all the applicants? Why? You said you were a lump of fermented soybeans, and told us to give you a taste to see if you'd make quality soybean paste. The lump of fermented soybeans I saw before me looked beautiful. Fermented soybeans are much prettier than diamonds. Thank you for this. You're welcome. Good night. What? LIVE FM UK I'm filthy? I even went out of my way to get her cold medicine. It's impossible to treat you like a human being, Kim. Darn it! Fermented soybeans are much prettier than diamonds. Good morning, internet Radio. Good morning. Um, internet Radio, about yesterday... You said you wanted to become a diamond, so why are you back at a soybean paste company? I'm not meant to be a diamond. And besides, I was told fermented soybeans are prettier than diamonds. Who told you that? Pardon? There's this person... Music Yes? You're red as a beet. Online Radio. Hey. How much gift money did you give? $. Stop being so stingy. Come on, Online Radio. It's the thought that counts. Online Radio, I hope you get back exactly as much when you get married. Let's go in. Sure. I'll tell Online Radio when he returns. Why do they have to get married on a weekday? The wedding halls were all booked on the weekends. Then why not get married at a hotel? Pardon? What? LIVE FM UK went to a fortune teller to see which day would be most auspicious, and the fortune teller said it had to be today, or the marriage wouldn't last. I suppose Mina has to take ever precaution she can. LIVE FM UK Why? You don't know? They are this company's most uneven match. The bride has a permanent position, but the groom's a contract worker. What's wrong with that? What do you mean? Would you marry a contract worker? Not even I would. If you love the guy, why would that matter? You must still be pure at heart. Does love put food on the table or get baby formula for your child? What does baby formula have to do with anything? Babies need formula just like we need food. I'm just saying, love isn't all there is to marriage, especially for contract workers like us. What does being a contract worker have to do with anything? Love has no boundaries. How can being a contract worker get in the way of love? You're getting in my way. Please step aside. She's more irritable than usual. No surprise there. If you're over , you worry you might get married when others are celebrating their golden anniversary. Darn it! What's wrong with this stupid thing? I'm going to rip the top off. The groom. And now, the father will walk the beautiful bride down the aisle. Please welcome them with applause. The bride! Is she still at work? I saw her earlier. Huh? This is odd. The LIVE FM UK mother's seat is empty, too. Dad, let's just do this. We'll talk after the wedding. Yes, honey. You need to walk her down the aisle. How dare you deceive your own parents? And if I didn't? Would you have said yes? No, right? Of course not. You had suitors who were high paying doctors and lawyers, but you're marrying a contract worker? The bride!

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