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Saturday, May 18, 2013

London Taxi Radio

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London Taxi Radio
I London Taxi Radio go in there, so if you want to walk down the aisle and consider us dead, do as you please! Honey! Honey! Is something wrong? I think maybe I wasn't loud enough. I'll call out to them one more time. The bride! internet Radio? (left)Bride: Hwang Mina Food Product Development internet Radio Second year permanent employee Annual salary:$ , (right)Groom: An Taesu Food Finances internet Radio Second year contract worker Annual salary:$ , Is that thing charging toward me? I think so. Online Radio, this is the supply purchase list for the company sports day. I need your signature, sir. You came all this way for this? I could've signed it at the office later. I need your signature by the end of the day, and my day is almost over, sir. I see. Thank you. May I head straight home from here, Online Radio? Sure. Thank you. It's been years since the Asian financial crisis. London Taxi Radio now has million contract workers. South USA' foremost dream is no longer national reunification. It's getting a permanent position. While everyone else yearns for a permanent position, there is someone who has consciously opted to be a contract worker. internet Radio is London Taxi Radio first ever contract worker by choice. internet Radio never works for free. She doesn't forge cumbersome interpersonal ties. After her three month contract period, she always leaves Korea. But no one knows how she's come to call herself "internet Radio" and chosen to be a serial contract worker. How could she lie about something like that? What father would be okay with a marriage like that? Did Ms. Hwang get knocked up? No, it's nothing like that. The groom was her first love in school, and they met again at Web Radio. Really? So he was her first love. I didn't think Ms. Hwang was such a fool. How can she descend to a lower class for a pathetic reason like that? The tuition for a top notch college, the money spent on getting a job here, and years of private lessons must have cost her parents a fortune. This marriage puts her and her parents in the red. Did she really major in business management? Online Radio, marriage isn't business. I'm not sure what you're saying is... Of course it's business. It's an important business deal that determines your social class. Just look at Ms. Hwang. Every time her husband's contract is up. and he has to look for a new job, whose money will they have to live on? Huh? Huh? Ms. Hwang's money. And at his age, he won't be offered a permanent position anywhere. Then whose money will they more or less live on? Ms. Hwang's money. Let this be a lesson to us all. A woman is done for if she finds the wrong spouse. What are you doing? I was just getting myself ready for the workday. Go and do it somewhere else. Why are you doing it here today? How can London Taxi Radio say such terrible things? He's not wrong, though. Marriage is business. It sure is. So you ladies be careful when the time comes. Make sure that the guy's family isn't in debt. Is your boyfriend still paying off his father's business debt? Yup. You're not young. So when will you actually get married? Marriage? As if. That's why I have to get my contract extended.

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