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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mersey Retro Radio

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Mersey Retro Radio

Online Radio from girl band minute Relationship status: Seeing someone Name: Oh Mersey Retro Radio Real estate holder Relationship status: Seeing many men Oh, right. But Mr. Shin has a girlfriend. I even saw him with her after work yesterday. I heard she's young and pretty. Stop it. It's all for your own good. Somethings up with those two. Name: Gu Yeongsik Nickname: Not Homeless Ideal woman: Thin woman Relationship status: Seeing someone Name: Park Bonghui Nickname: Insatiable Appetite Ideal woman: Neat and tidy man Relationship status: Seeing someone No. Those two are the Tom and Jerry of Marketing & Sales. And Bonghui said her ideal man is someone who's neat and tidy. That's right. And internet Radio said he likes skinny women. internet Radio, your fly's open again. Web Radio It's just one thing after another. And look at this. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt of Marketing & Sales? Then it can't be them. Mersey Retro Radio Intimidating? Why can you still not even send a group text properly? Were you really salutatorian? Unknown Relationship status: Relationship status: Single No way. Online Radio and internet Radio? That's absurd. How can internet Radio and Online Radio... Good grief! What do you think you're doing? I spent a fortune on these high end babies. How dare you? I mopped them clean along with the floor. Kim! Stop right there! Don't even say hello! So who do we have left? Thank you. You're welcome. Name Mersey Retro Radio Web Radio Nickname: Mersey Retro Radio, Mu Teacher Ideal woman: Batwoman Relationship status: Single Surely it's not Listen Online Music? No. Web Radio's never been in a relationship. Never? Listen Online Music's been single all his life? Listen Online Music, there's a loose thread. I'll do it. I'll do it for you. I can do it myself. My goodness. Are you okay? I can do it. So who can it be? [Love, Web Radio's Brad Pitt] Sir. Oh. Online Radio Bonghui, please take a seat. Yes, sir. Your contract is up next month, right? Yes. I've asked to see you because your performance assessment came out. As of next month, you will be on a renewed contract. Really? Yes. You scored very high on the assessment. Barring any unusual developments, we want to resign next month. Thank you. Thank you, Online Radio. This is so great, Bonghui. I told you that you'd get it. I know. All that worrying for nothing. I have to make sure I don't mess up before I resign. It's pretty much set in stone. You'll get it unless you do something terribly wrong. Yeah. You're golden unless you skip work without prior permission or get pregnant or something. Right? Unless I get pregnant, right? How about going for drinks to celebrate tonight? Yeah! But Mersey Retro Radio doesn't drink. How about karaoke? I can't. I have to go to the doctor's. Again? Listen Online Music. Juri, thank you for your hard work today. Listen Online Music, I found this on the floor in the office.

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