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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mersey Retro Xtra

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Mersey Retro Xtra
Mersey Retro Xtra In our office? Wow. We must have a pair of lovebirds in our midst. You don't know who they are, do you? No. I wonder who Mersey Retro Xtra It's not you, is it? What? Me? No way. How could it be me? It's not me. That's a relief. Pardon? Nothing. I should get going. I'll see you tomorrow. Any unusual symptoms? No. But I can't stop eating. Do other expectant mothers eat as much as I do? It really depends. It's your baby that wants to eat, so don't hold back. But make sure you exercise, too. Okay. The baby just yawned. Pardon? Really? That was another yawn, right? Wow. Online Radio Bonghui. internet Radio. What are you doing here... Why are you waiting in the cold? You could've waited for me inside. You were running late, so I got impatient. I came as fast as I could as soon as I finished up my work. You did? Yes, I did. Our baby has super long legs, right? She could be a model when she grows up. Yeah? I thought it'd be great if she could be an actress like Mersey Retro Xtra. What? By the way, did you eat the pastry I put on your desk? I got your favorite on my way back from a meeting outside. Huh? That was from you? Yeah. I left a note on your desk. Didn't you see it? That's odd. I didn't see any note. Could it have fallen on the floor somewhere? No. If it did, and someone saw it, we would've heard about it. Yeah? So what are we going to do about sports day tomorrow? Do you think we can go? I have to go. Mersey Retro Xtra will go nuts if I don't. Yeah. Let's just hang in there until you renew your contract. I'm sorry, Bonghui. Stop it. You're being mushy. Oh? What is it? She Mersey Retro Xtra. She did? Ow! She almost knocked me out. Stop exaggerating. Here. Here. [Web Radio Spring Sports Day] Let's do this! There's a cash prize on the line! Soybean paste, chili paste! Contract extension! Should've been the left foot! Hey! Here you go. Thank you. Why won't that woman take it down a notch? This isn't the Olympics. As a member of the Web Radio family, internet Radio just wants to do her best at a corporate event. Please be understanding. Be that as it may, she's going to win everything and get the MVP title. What are you talking about? The main event hasn't even begun yet. The highlight of Web Radio's sports day is wrestling. You must've taken things easy in the morning to save your strength for wrestling. Of course. I'll crush everyone this year as well. Hey, the managing director! Mersey Retro Xtra () Managing Director Web Radio Foods Division Annual salary: $, Welcome, sir. We were all waiting for you. I had something to take care of in the morning. How about a game of dodgeball in the afternoon? You haven't played dodgeball yet, right? Actually, we finished the dodgeball game... Of course not. We haven't played yet. We were waiting for you to get here, sir. Really? Let's get moving then. Um, I'm sorry, sir, but I'll sit out the game. Online Radio, all you did was sit and stuff your face all morning. You didn't think I saw? I was keeping an eye on you. The thing is, I'm not feeling well. What is it today? Wisdom teeth? Anemia? Your period? Hemorrhoids, sir.

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