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Monday, May 20, 2013

Merseyland Alternative Radio 105 FM

Merseyland Alternative Radio 105 FM, Merseyland Alternative Radio 105 FM Listen Online, Live Online, UK

Merseyland Alternative Radio 105 FM
You're a walking sack of diseases. Why don't we let her sit out? She won't be much help anyway. But we won't have enough... Oh... How about this? Online Radio can be the referee, and internet Radio take her place. It would be perfect. Okay, Listen Online Music. I'll take Online Radio's place then. Thank you. Hurry up! Hey, Merseyland Alternative Radio 105 FM you'd better do it right this time. The managing director's on the other team. You get my drift, right? Yes, sir. I'll do it right. Out. Sir, he's a newbie. Go ahead. Have faith, sir. I'm sorry. It was a ground ball. Sir! It was a grounder. A grounder? Ground ball. Alright! Did I throw too hard? Online Radio, are you hurt? You are the king of dodgeball, sir. You're the best. Out! I think something burst inside. No. No. Listen Online, don't do it. You shouldn't. No! Blood. Nosebleed? Huh? Sir! We need tissue. Call an ambulance! Have you lost your mind? How can you give the managing director a bloody nose? Do you know how bad this makes me and Online Radio look? It's unfortunate the managing director had to suffer a bloody nose, but I was merely doing my job, sir. Your job? On sports day, your job is to lose! Online Radio, internet Radio was just trying to do well at the game. You see, internet Radio, we're supposed to let the managing director win. I just don't get why anyone would play to lose, sir. In any case, you can talk to Merseyland Alternative Radio 105 FM at the temp agency about the nosebleed. Just try brainlessly using your strength like that one more time. Didn't you see how hard I worked to hold my muscles in check? I don't think you were holding back. I don't think there are any muscles to begin with. What? You'd better watch it, woman. I've been going easy on you, but if I unleash all my hidden muscles, you're done for. All your hidden muscles? Do you mean your sphincter? Darn it. Hey! internet Radio's something else. I know. I bet no one else has ever given the managing director a nosebleed. Watch out! Are you okay, honey? Are you hurt? I'm fine, sweetie. Our baby? What about our baby? Huh? I think she's fine. Thank you. Why don't you have something to drink first? Well then... Since when have you been seeing each other? And how... I mean, how did she get pregnant? What kind of question is that? She's pregnant because they made a baby. This is unbelievable, Bonghui. You said your boyfriend looked like Brad Pitt. Look closely. There's some resemblance. And internet Radio, you said your girlfriend looked like Merseyland Alternative Radio 105 FM. Look at her complexion. She has flawless skin. They must really be in love. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? Have you both lost it? Dating is one thing, but how could you keep the pregnancy secret from us? We didn't plan to keep it a secret. We just couldn't find the right time to tell everyone. I'm sorry. But still, internet Radio, you should've told us. What if something had gone wrong and the baby had been hurt? We're your work family. You didn't have to keep it from us. Yeah. This isn't cool, Bonghui. I'm hurt. You didn't have to go this far to keep it from us. It's not like I wanted to keep it a secret, either. But my contract's up for renewal next month.

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