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Monday, May 20, 2013

Miskin Radio

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Miskin Radio

What do you mean? They went behind my back and bet money on this game. That's not it, sir. I won't let you have it that easy. It might help for you to not take this so seriously. Online Radio must have wagered a fortune. internet Radio! internet Radio! internet Radio. Jeomsun, I mean, internet Radio, thank you very much. Thank you, internet Radio. We decided to name our baby after you and call her Music. "Mi" from "Ms." You don't have to thank me, as I didn't really win today. Pardon? Oh. Also... Name your baby something else. "Music" is old fashioned. You lost your title after three consecutive years at the top. Does that make you happy? No, but it is amusing. The almighty Jang Hodong was beaten by a woman. Gyujik, were you really going to tell Online Radio? Of course. Those two deceived the company. I'm going to keep a close eye on Online Radio. You should go. What? They want you to join them for drinks, right? Go ahead. What about you? Why would I go there? To celebrate Online Radio's pregnancy? A bowl of udon noodles and a bottle of soju, please. Why did you do it? Who? Me? Were you talking to me? Why did you let me win? Are you and I really very different light bulbs? Here it is. Online Radio, this is to celebrate your pregnancy. Eat, drink and be merry. Drink up, everyone. Do we and light bulbs actually come in different grades? What did I do? When? What are you doing? You're not trying to act cool or act like the bad guy. Do you get off on being public enemy no. ? internet Radio Jeomsun, you're not the only one who has job duties and responsibilities. I have to do my job, too. And my job is to protect the company's interests. That may seem stupid and base to you, but that's what I have to do as a corporate lap dog, as you put it. I was just trying to do my job today. I don't know just how great a chasm there is between you and me. Ma'am, one more soju, please. But anyway, we each keep trudging along in our respective places. How much do I owe you? Hey, Kim! Why didn't you pay for yours? How can you just walk off?

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