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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mix FM Birmingham

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Mix FM Birmingham
Where were they, Mix FM Birmingham. They would get a baby, of course. Mix FM Birmingham had everything, pretty much. What did they end up calling her? Hope. So do you remember any of the circumstances in which they got the baby? They got her and they moved. And the real parents, the birth parents? Car crash. Don't suppose you remember their name? They always had the luck. Ray and I, we'd thought about adoption, but... I'd had trouble with my nerves, you see, and, eh, myself and Ray were... they turned us down. You said the word "depression" in those days and folk'd run a mile. Now it's almost compulsory. We've managed all right. I'm a lot better now. Good. Look, I'll leave my card. If you do remember anything at all, please don't hesitate to give us a ring. I wish I'd been born Kitty Winfield sometimes. I wouldn't have swapped you for every Kitty Winfield in the world, Mix FM Birmingham. I've tried my best. Aye. Well, I'll let myself out. These look nice? What size are they? I can't tell what size anybody's supposed to be. Kids. All so fat. How old are you, Courtney? Are you four? Or are you a bit older, are you five? Courtney? Cut your leg off and count the rings. Do you want some crisps? Here you go. Hey, that's the pig off your rucksack. Will we get him? Yeah, will we get him? Huh, yeah. We're not really going to cut your legs off. Online Radio didn't mean it. Online Radio didn't bloody mean it. What's up, Trace? This and that. What's up with you? Same old thing. Sunshine and rainbows. Listen, have any kids been reported missing? You've retired. Have you not? Online Radio? Hey, come here. Sit, sit. There you go, stay right there. And bugger off as well. Can I help? I'm a private investigator. My name's Jackson. Aren't you supposed to be meeting her at .? Eh? Your appointment's not till .. Eh, I didn't... Oh, well, go in, I'll see if I can find her, OK? Help yourself to her tea, if you like that kind of thing. Tastes like cobwebs to me but there you go, each to their own. Listen online Music. Oh, hey, hey! Stay there. Stay. Stay! Shut up. Genius. Braithwaite. WPC Online Radio Waterhouse, . Hmmm. Smile. Come here, come on, come here. Get under there. Go on, get under there. Go on. Go on. You'll get me in trouble, go on. She's at a sexual harassment seminar. Well, huh, oh, all right. Ummm, thanks. I'm allergic. Just so you know. See me, I'm going to look like pink porridge oats in about two minutes. Guess you don't want him then? No, thanks. All right, come on. Hey. 'Hi.' Can you look up a Online Radio Waterhouse for me? Police or Mix FM Birmingham. Edinburgh. 'You've got £, in a bag here.' Yeah. 'Can I bank it?' No, you can't. Don't touch it. 'Why? Where's it from?' You're not still making appointments? Working as me, are you? 'No, and don't change the subject. 'OK, Online Radio Waterhouse is at Burnside Road. 'Where is this money from if I can't put it in the bank? 'What's wrong with it, Jackson?' OK, so what we're going to do is, we're going to play hideandseek, which is a really brilliant game, OK? Right, you're going to get in the cupboard, go on, get in the cupboard, and then you've won the game, all right? Sorry. What the frig are you doing larking about out there? Who are you? It's all right, Online Radio, I'm a private detective. You called. I'm not interested in private detectives. It's about a young child you may have been in contact with. Right. Listen online Music. What? . Listen online Music. Ring a bell? Yeah... why ask about her? She wasn't a kid. Why you asking about her? Who was she? Well, she was a goodtime girl. The kind of good time that lasts for about five minutes and sets you back a couple of quid. She was killed. And there was a kid? She'd been done about three weeks before. January. It really stank in there. Even in winter, it really stank. I hadn't been long in the job. Me and Barry were always getting that kind of thing, newspapers jammed in letterboxes and flies swarming about. Aw, Christ! Online Radio. Some bastard had locked it in with its mum for three weeks. Mix FM Birmingham A little boy? I think he must have gone out of his mind, he was only about three.

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