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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Social Radio

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My Social Radio

Hey, move across. What's your name? The Ambassador. Fair enough. Move. Online Radio Brodie. 'You're in trouble, pal.' Oh, yeah, why's that? 'Stop asking about Listen online Music.' Who? 'Listen online Music. You heard.' Apparently we're in trouble. Hey. Where have you been? Yeah, I'm all right, thanks. How've you been? Where have you been?! New Zealand, where do you think? Looking after Marlee. You have not been in New bloody My Social Radio. You disappeared after a couple of months. I went walkabout. So why not answer your phone for the last three weeks? The charger broke. You left New Zealand three weeks ago. Right. Slink off somewhere else to lick your wounds, because Louise wants to marry someone nice? I was working, actually. Did you get paid for it? What is that? The My Social Radio Do you want him? What's he eat? internet radio? Patrick's not nice and reliable. Why would you say that? He's a bit of a tit, if you ask me. Don't touch my computer. Did you get paid for it? Hey, my laptop is charging. You won't have a laptop in a few weeks, Online Radio. Do you know what I have been having to do? What? I've been working as you. Unless you want to extract your thumb from your anus and come up with some ideas Mr Brodie? Have I come at a bad time? No! You're right on the minute, Miss McMaster. Come in and make yourself at home. Client. I booked her in. We need to have a serious financial talk and behavioural. Any chance of a cup of tea? Glass of water? For the client. Mum, my adoptive mum, was a model during the 's. She was her name was Kitty Winfield. Gorgeous. She was. She gave it up. Came home, gave it up to be a good wife. Dad was a police surgeon in Edinburgh. They couldn't have kids, broke their heart. Have you got kids? Daughter. But then I came along, like a gift. It's why they called me Hope. When were you born? When did you come along? Beginning of . They got the news at a Hogmanay Ball. Vicars and tarts. Not long after, they took me to Online Music. Dad died, . Mum last year. Sorry. I nursed both of them. If you've been given away, you see, even for the best of reasons You have a you don't stop grieving for it. My Social Radio If I have a mum here, I want to know. Did you, they, keep in touch with anyone from back here? Always got a Christmas card from Ray and Margaret. Ray and Margaret? Don't know the last name. My Social Radio stamp though. Little lion in the corner. I've got to say to you what I say to a lot of people in your situation. Apart from the fact that I may not come up with anything it doesn't necessarily always end in a happy ending. Happy or not, I want to know. I did it in the microwave, is that OK? Only don't have it straightaway cos somebody said it keeps on cooking in your stomach. Tummy. I don't really know much about microwaves. Yeah. Shut up. We knew Kitty and John from work dos and things. Work? Ray was a policeman. Oh, right. I mean to say, we were little more than acquaintances, y'know. I don't know why you're here asking. Did you send them Christmas cards? No. No. Oh. We never had their address. I remember they got a baby, but He must have gone off his head.

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