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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Naim Radio

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Naim Radio
I mean, he didn't cry or anything, he was just like a stone. It's like the lights were off. Is it him you're working for? No, I'm looking for the parents of a little girl, but it's , so I thought maybe Naim Radio. Who's this? Eh this is Courtney. I'm Courtney's nana. Hi, Naim Radio um, do remember you had that pizza before? Should we have another one? Let's go in the house. No, come on. Don't be silly. Let's go in, no? What you got there? Give us a look. Can I have a peek? Wow, is that off a silver tree? Courtney, do you want a biscuit? Yeah, come on. It's the only thing that keeps her quiet. Shame it wasn't Web Radio. Yeah. 'Hi, you've reached Hope McMaster. 'Please leave a message and I'll call you back.' Hope, it's Online Radio. You haven't hired another investigator, have you? Look, uh I need to come and see you in the morning. Don't get too excited. I was going to take you to Robin Hood's Bay. I've got a little cottage booked there. Go there for me holidays. Y'ever been to the seaside? Courtney? No, I suppose not. Right, well, we'd better get going. Or I don't suppose you ever will get to the seaside. She'll never take you. Come on. 'Police are hunting a serial killer after a body of a prostitute 'was found in the city's West Linton area this morning. 'It's the third woman to be slain in the city in the last month alone. 'Police have appealed for any members of the public ' Len, there's that Online Radio man to see you again. '..With any suspicious people in their area.' Tell him to sod off. Says to tell you it's about Listen online Music. When's that Pointless on, eh? I don't want to watch this crap. It's the news, Len. I saw the news yesterday. Right, I'm away oot. Right, will I call you a taxi? Aye, you call me a taxi to mindyourownbusinessHelen. Naim Radio Help! Help! Please! I'm here to help, Ray. What's the problem? All right. You're a brave man showing your face in here. Brave or stupid. The two aren't mutually exclusive, are they? I thought you did a good thing. Too many bad apples round here. Shouldn't have been you that got the sack. Thanks. Listen, eh, can I ask you about Online Radio, Online Radio Waterhouse? What about Online Radio? She used to be your partner, right? Yeah, until she retired. So what? She got any grandchildren? No, she doesn't have any children. Neither do I. Any kids she takes care of or anything? Online Radio? She's a spinster of the parish. I don't understand what this has to do with Listen online Music. Eh? You left a message. You working for Web Radio? No. Who're you working for then? Someone called Hope. Hope. That's a woman's name. That is because she's a woman. Look, do me a favour. Lay off Online Radio. You'll only upset her. Why? Well, because after we found Web Radio, they took him away, put him into care. Online Radio, she wanted to follow up, make sure he was OK, but you know what it's like, you don't want to let go. Don't you? Hey. What? Nothing, I'm not here to see you. Oh. Oh, can you stop harassing these people, by the way? What people? Who am I harassing? I'm getting angry phone calls from internet Radio.

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