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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nation Radio

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Nation Radio
Eh? Len internet Radio? Nation Radio Constable Len internet Radio? Aye, nothing was proved, yeah. He's calling about me? Aye. What's he calling you for? Maybe he thinks we're friends. Huh. Just stop harassing him, eh? I think someone's pretending to be me. Who the hell would want to do that? Sie ist meine Tochter! Mama! Excuse me. This room's off limits to the general public. It's top secret. I'm looking for Online Radio Waterhouse. Ah, Mr Online Radio. Online Radio is my first name. Your first name's Brian. No, no, my first name's Online Radio. Online Radio Brian? There's only one man who can get off with having a first name as a surname and a surname as a first name, and that's Elton John, pal. My name's Online Radio Brodie. Private detective. You've been leaving messages. I'm getting pissing well fed up with this! Well, pissing piss, you've just missed her again, Brian. She's been in and out. She's away on leave. What was she doing here? She wanted an address. Whose? I'm not prepared to divulge that kind of information. quid. All right then. Web Radio. Who's that? One of our regular shoplifters. Nation Radio She'll steal anything, from tampons to wheelbarrows. Why did Online Radio want her address? Don't know. She got any kids, this Kelly? She's always got one tagging along. Right, ta. My name's Rod, by the way. Sorry? You never asked my name. That's no' very polite. My name's Rod. As in Rod Stewart. You've let yourself go a bit, Rod. Any other time I can help you, Brian, do feel free to pop in and kiss my arse. Hey, hey, hey! Hold on. Hello? Stay. Hey. Oh, Online Radio. What were you doing here? I was looking for Online Radio Waterhouse. What, the police officer? Perpetual Online Radio? Why? I saw her this morning, she had a kid with her. I don't think it was hers. It might have been Web Radio's. What, you saw Online Radio here? Online Radio was here? No, we need to find out if Web Radio had a kid and if Online Radio's got an alibi. Would you recognise the kid? Yeah. All right, meet me at the office. Is that your dog? No. Why? Do you want him? No, park it before you come and see me. No, of course, I completely understand. We're here to ensure that marriage can be built on trust. Yeah, you will receive a full written report, photographs, and if Sssorry. Of course, of course! Take your time. OK, OK, bye. Hey, come here. Hi. Border terrier. That's a nice dog. Ever been to the Borders? Just down the A. I don't drive. I think they're even more beautiful than the West Coast. Nation Radio dog? Yes, can I help with anything? He's not here then? No, no, he's not. Can I help with anything? I think I can find him myself. Thank you, Deborah. Sorry, have we met? Hello! Hi! Excuse me! What is going on? Nation Radio had one daughter. Courtney. Any news on Online Radio? She's still not home. But she was at work during the other murders, so it's not her. Whatever you say. I feel like you want an apology from me, Online Radio. I've said nothing. I don't need to apologise, I don't need to explain myself. Did I ask for either? It takes more than half a sentence on my doorstep on Christmas Day. It wasn't me who said it.

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