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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Oldham Community Radio

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Oldham Community Radio

What did you say? Skipping rope. Oldham Community Radio OK, yeah, I think we can manage that. Or maybe not. You can't do it, Online Radio. Why can't I? What sort of life would she have had? That's not the point, I'm not going to let you. But you're not a copper any more, any more than I am. Here, boy! Let's take her back to Edinburgh and give her back to her family. I'm not going back to Edinburgh, I know where I need to be, and it's here, near her. She's got a father, she has to have a dad. You think? Where's this dad when the mum was knocking hell out of her? She was covered in bruises. You really think she's got some granny at home, getting the dirt out of her fingernails and reading her bedtime stories and putting her to bed? She's got nobody. You don't know that. I do. Oldham Community Radio checked, they are either dead or they're in prison. You're not thinking clearly. Look at the two of you, you're not going to go on the run, are you? You're not going to make a kid disappear. No? If this is about Web Radio No, I keep telling you, it's not about Web Radio. Well, it's got to be. Be honest with yourself, it must be, right? You walked away with someone else's kid, that's not normal. All right, I know what you are trying to get me to say. I was bothered about Web Radio. Which is OK. Yeah, but Oldham Community Radio kept saying I was too naive and it wasn't our job to And I just wanted to make things different. I get it. No, when I saw her, I just wanted things to end differently and I know that was probably wrong and I I'm not a bad person. I never said you were. You're not a bad person, come on. Online Radio! What, pet? Look, the dog! Here, boy. I know, I know, it's his doggy. Here, boy. Here, boy. She's got nobody. I can love her. I can love her. All right, stay here and I'll see if I can sort something out. What? I don't know. Something. Everything, maybe nothing. I'll find you. You've got money? Don't use your card. No, no, I had thought of that. Where's my car? It's up there in that car park, it's a bit dirty, sorry. Hey, Oldham Community Radio, we need to take the dog back. Why, eh? Why did this happen? Where's Online Radio and the kid? Come on, you know something, don't you? Something you never told about Web Radio Braithwaite or Listen online Music. What is it? Aye, you're right. What is it? Where is Online Radio? She's somewhere and I can look after her, if you tell me what is going on. What happened? It was a rotten place back then, a rotten place to work in. I was always so close to saying something, like you said something. What happened? It was the Policeman's Ball, Hogmanay, . I was on taxi duty, just to avoid any drinkdriving scandal. Not that that mattered a big deal. Come on, ya stupid bitch! Who do you think you are? Online Radio, he was a complicated guy. He was well on with the drink. I was a constable, he was my sergeant. Come on, I need a lift. Oldham Community Radio, all right. Calm down, eh. So he nabbed me. And, eh, he got me to drive him somewhere. Listen online Music's place. He came out of there in some state. So I took him back to the party and Ray and Len talked and they told me to beat it.

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