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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Original 106 Aberdeen

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Original 106 Aberdeen

Original 106 Aberdeen And it got to so that she said she'd tell Original 106 Aberdeen if I didn't And she'd she'd stop me seeing Francesca. I got so steamed up and drunk that Hogmanay. That's it, Ray, get out, you're never coming back here. Get out my house! He sorted it. That's the last of it. You cannae keep her, Ray. Talk sense! You cannae keep her, it's no' right. Now get in the car. Ray! John and Kitty did all right by her. Sure they did. Me and Maggie would have done all right by her. Aye, you'd just killed her mother. If you'd been smart about it, you could've had your whore and your daughter on the side, if that's what you needed. We all had whores on the side. What? Present for you, Kitty. From Len internet Radio. Hi. Oh, my God. She's beautiful. Aye, aye, she is. Did you tell your wife? I told her the day I saw you. Why? I couldnae've I could have loved it. I could've learned to love it. Maggie Oh, God! We could have had a life, Ray! There could have been life. There could've been colour. We could've laughed. There could've been wax crayons and There could have been just something, Ray. Ah, Christ, Christ, Christ. Maggie! Anything but the life I've had. Original 106 Aberdeen You think you're going to be a daddy now, after all this? You've always been too soft, Ray. Always have been. The two of you just left a little boy in there, did you? Just locked him in with the body? What kind of men do you think we are? I thought he was with his father, that's what we thought. We didn't think it was going to take three weeks to find the body. That was police incompetence. Where's my daughter? Can I see her? Well, that will be up to her. What are you gonnae do? Brodie? Brodie! What are you gonnae do?! Thank you. Ah, Mr Brodie. So what can I do for you? I was hoping you might be able to arrange, um I need some new passports, identities, sale of the house and the money to be moved untraceably. The whole thing, basically. For who? For a couple of friends of mine. It's very costly. grand cover it? No. That's all I've got. Then maybe we can come to some other arrangement? Like what? ,, Mr Brodie. Plus an acknowledgement that you owe me. And that one day I'll give you a call. No, I'm not working for you again. I can have two whole new identities for you in hours. Bank accounts. Social security. For anywhere in the world. In hours. Fine. Thank you, Original 106 Aberdeen You've got my number. I certainly have. Mama! Mama! Mama! Where's her mother? Sichern off. Hey, I'm meant to be handing her over to her mum. Hey! Wir werden es von hier. Mach dir keine Sorgen ueber das Maedchen. Hi, Web Radio. What's she called? Hope. I'm glad he found her. Can you tell Web Radio that he wasn't forgotten? Yeah. Hey. Think you've forgotten something. Thank you. I'll make sure the money from the house gets to you. Yeah, and I know how much those houses go for, so don't try diddling me. I wouldn't dare. Anyway, thanks. Say goodbye to Online Radio, Courtney. Goodbye. Bye. Lucy. It's the name on the passport, like you asked for. Do you like Original 106 Aberdeen. If I was going to have a little girl, I was going to call her Lucy. And what am I called? Web Radio.

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