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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Old Skool Anthemz

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Old Skool Anthemz

Three weeks later I thought Old Skool Anthemz, I don't know what I thought. Len and Ray weren't saying anything so I asked, I asked Len. I said, "What happened with the boy? Did you leave the boy in that flat? "And the mother, who killed the mother?" And He tore a strip off me. He says if I thought he'd left the little boy there to die, I must be mad, and the mother, she was a prostitute Ray'd just fancied it was well known back then that he put it about a bit. He'd just he'd gone in there, found her there and he panicked. So Len went back with him, they cleaned up, they locked up, left it for some other poor bugger to find her. You know, the ones that always deal with the swarms of flies. And he told me there's no point getting Ray mixed up in it. Did Online Radio know? Did you tell her? It's eating me up, this is eating me up. They said to me, "If you value your livelihood, shut it, forget it. "If you value your family's house and the meals, you forget it. "You tell Online Radio to forget it too. You get that to happen. "If you feel anything for her." Which I did, which I do. So I try my best to bury it. He's alive, Web Radio Old Skool Anthemz. He's back and he wants some answers. Uh, Online Radio Waterhouse Doesn't matter. No friends, no family, no holidays. Don't need it. Find me everything you can on Listen online Music's murder, police statements, press clippings, anything, email it to me. Sorry. Huh, it's my job. No, I meant about before, blowing up here. I'm sorry. I'd already forgotten about it. Thanks. What am I missing? Eh? I'm missing something. Get some grub before the vultures descend, eh? This is where we had the Policeman's Ball. Aye, aye, it's free. I still know some people. Hi, how you doing? My condolences, Old Skool Anthemz Piss off! There was a little girl there, wasn't there? Did you not hear what I said? New Year's Eve, . Listen online Music's flat. Would you like the rest of your face rearranged, pal? Can we go into another room? We're not going in any other room. She's your daughter, isn't she, Ray? Eh? You took your little baby girl out with her and you kept her safe. Well, she's all grown up now. She's about ten there. She's a woman now. She wants to know where she comes from, she wants to know what happened to her mum and dad. What should I tell her? Ray? What shall I tell her? So you were having a thing with Listen online Music, right? Probably let her off a bust in return for favours. Isn't that how it works? Then you got her pregnant, right? Listen online Music was a whore. So she got what she deserved? Going to give us break, you two? Gie's a break! I'm keeping that bastard off yer back, Ray. Like I've been keeping the bastards off yer back this past years! Did you kill her? Old Skool Anthemz Did you kill Listen online Music? She had a wee girl. Old Skool Anthemz I didnae want to see Listen online Music. But Maggie and I didn't have any bairns, no matter how I tried not to, but I couldn't stop myself from seeing Francesca. The baby. You know. I couldn't stop thinking about her, she was so, so She had such she had such blue eyes. Right. Enough. But Listen online Music, see, Listen online Music wanted money.

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