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Friday, May 24, 2013

PARTY VIBE RADIO: Ambient + Chill Out + Downtempo

PARTY VIBE RADIO: Ambient + Chill Out + Downtempo, PARTY VIBE RADIO: Ambient + Chill Out + Downtempo Listen Online, Live, UK

PARTY VIBE RADIO: Ambient + Chill Out + Downtempo

Bloody hell! Web Radio! And PARTY VIBE RADIO: Ambient + Chill Out + Downtempo. Yeah, well, I'll have to get some leopardskin leggings. Good luck. Come on. Yes, m'lady? Ah, I just wanted to know if you'd got anywhere with Online Radio and Courtney Cross. It's just that they've both disappeared. And apparently Online Radio's house is up for sale. No, nothing, trail went cold. Could you look in my eyes and tell me that? Louise. I've got nothing, the trail went cold. OK. Is that why you called me in? It is. You got him then? Yes, serial killer. Good job. You look knackered. Ach, well, there's a reason for that. Anyway, congratulations. Thank you. Do you want a drink? Don't mind if I do. Bit of oldfashioned police work. Rough justice. Married life. So what's he like then, your Patrick? Seems a bit boring to me. Well, PARTY VIBE RADIO: Ambient + Chill Out + Downtempo is funny and thoughtful, and a very good doctor, and he's clever and he makes me feel better than anyone's ever made me feel before. Well. And anyway, I'm not so interesting myself. You found out all that pretty quick, didn't you? And what is it that you think you are, Online Radio? Are you enthralling? Well, you'll never know, will you? Couldn't take the chance. That's not a chance, Online Radio, that's Russian roulette! Sounds exciting. You're not exciting. You're boring. It's boring. This is boring. And now I'm going home to my fiance. Congratulations. Well done on the case. Hi, Dad, it's me. Missed you. Hey, how's it going? Yeah, I'm good. How's it going with ? OK. Great, in fact. Mum's got the sack. You what? Her firm's moving to PARTY VIBE RADIO: Ambient + Chill Out + Downtempo. Oh, that's terrible. Wha.. She she's not going to China, is she? No. She's moving back to Edinburgh. With you? What do you think? That's fantastic. When is that happening? In a month, but I told Mum I didn't want to wait, I want to come back sooner, so I can stay with you. What did she say to that? She said it was a mad idea, and that I wouldn't like it. I said I would like it and wanted to stay with you for ever and see her at the weekends when she got back. Then she got all upset or pretended to, but then she said I could. She said I could, Dad. What do you mean? Well, I bet she was upset. She was a bit, she said it will all go wrong and I will come running back to her but she's wrong, it won't, will it, Dad? Well oh You could be a bit happier. No, I am. Look, I am. It's amazing. It'll be brilliant. I can take care of you. You don't have to take care of me, sweetheart, that's my job, to take care of you. So, OK if I tell Mum? Yeah, of course, what you do you think? Yeah, yeah, get her to call me. Amazing. Right, I'm going to go pack. Love you. Love you too. Online Radio Brodie. I can't let you put £, on that horse, PARTY VIBE RADIO: Ambient + Chill Out + Downtempo Why not? Did you have another child while I was away, Dad? What the hell do you think you're doing? I don't know what you want from me! Mum says you have intimacy issues. Intimacy issues? I don't go home with drunk men. Neither do I. Online Radio, have you been following us? What's going on? Be honest with me.

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