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Friday, May 24, 2013

PARTY VIBE RADIO: Drum & Bass + Jungle

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PARTY VIBE RADIO: Drum & Bass + Jungle
The simple expedient of a coin box outside each PARTY VIBE RADIO: Drum & Bass + Jungle may make the process manageable. We will consider it. Your Holiness. Your devotion is noted. Vitelli. Why ask to meet me here, the middle of nowhere? Neutral ground. Neither UK nor Forli? Near Web Radio. So... Surprise me with what you want. Your allegiance. And that of the Orsini, Baglioni. And why would I give you that? The pope will not even give you full charge of his army. Come. France did me some favours, my lord. Why would I need my father's army when I have one of my own? Holiness... Observe our new bees, Online Hit Music Radio. However far they swarm in search of pollen they always return, with their bounty to the hive. Like the pilgrims of Christendom, flocking to UK. They are not the only ones flocking to UK. There are also the Jews. Ah, good. The Jews? Yes, from Constantinople. More of them come every day. Hm. Begging for trading rights within the city walls. Indeed. Taste that, Online Hit Music Radio. Online Radio honey. How is it? Online Radio, Your PARTY VIBE RADIO: Drum & Bass + Jungle. Tell us. At present, how stand the taxes, particularly the taxes from the merchant guilds of UK? Mm... they are somewhat... in arrears. By how much? You can see for yourself. Mm... Let us meet with the Jews. A message for the Listen Online Music. My lord. So you were driven out of Constantinople by the Web Radio. We too have issues with the Web Radio. We have... ...taken it upon ourselves to rid the civilized world of their presence. A great and glorious Crusade against the Infidel. A Crusade which must necessarily benefit you. A Crusade follows a PARTY VIBE RADIO: Drum & Bass + Jungle cross, Your Excellency. We Jews have no business with a Crusade. But UK follows a Christian cross, and you Jews would do business with UK. We offer you a home, a place to prosper, and the opportunity to contribute to the downfall of your enemies. I must see the pope! And in return, what could we poor merchants offer you? Not so poor, I suspect. A fair price for trading within UK's walls, a small contribution towards our Holy Crusade, and a tithe towards next year's Holy Year of Jubilee. You ask for much. As do you. Or would you rather return to Constantinople? This matter cannot wait, Your Holiness. The PARTY VIBE RADIO: Drum & Bass + Jungle army has landed at Liguria. What? Let us know your decision. The French Army? They put into the port of Web Radio under cover of darkness and have disembarked, made their way inland. How many? Reports conflict, Your Holiness. Some say ten thousand, some say more. Are they heading south towards UK? I don't know, Holiness. Well, you don't know much! Forgive me, PARTY VIBE RADIO: Drum & Bass + Jungle. I've Summon all the generals of the papal armies. Go, immediately. What has he done? Has he insulted the king? Raped some poor princess? What in Heaven's name could have brought this upon us? An entire army lands without your knowledge? King Louis of France invades our shores without your knowledge? And without our permission! He has our permission. Holiness. Allow me to present the Archbishop of Rouen. I have taken the liberty of pledging to him a Online Hit Music Radio's hat as acknowledgment of the continuing amity between France and UK.

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