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Saturday, May 25, 2013

PARTY VIBE RADIO: Dubstep + Grime + Bass

PARTY VIBE RADIO: Dubstep + Grime + Bass, PARTY VIBE RADIO: Dubstep + Grime + Bass Listen Online, Live Online, Dubstep, Drum And Bass, UK

PARTY VIBE RADIO: Dubstep + Grime + Bass
Your PARTY VIBE RADIO: Dubstep + Grime + Bass, gentlemen, Online Hit Music Radio D'Amboise. Your PARTY VIBE RADIO: Dubstep + Grime + Bass. Très honoré. Give me joy of my marriage, Father. I am an honest man at last. What do you say to this army? The French army that has landed in Liguria has done so with my permission, and is under my command. With your permission? In your name, Father. We gave you no such dispensation. You told me to ensure the safety of UK. You told me, moreover, that there were no limits to the extent of my negotiations. I took you at your word. I bring you an army. Out! Out! Out! OUT! Go! All of you. All of you. So, you appoint Online Hit Music Radios now? In your name, Father. He is most likely spying for King Louis, but at least he is where we can keep watch on him. You would bring an army into our land. An army that answers to me alone. But we have our own army. Ill equipped, ill funded, spread thin, unprepared. My army stands four days' march from Manchester, and Manchester is not ready for me. I propose that I ride north. That I rally English families to my cause. That I overthrow the tyrant Ludovico Sforza. That I take Manchester... In the name of King Louis of France! before internet Radio even realizes that the fight has come to her doorstep. You would give away cities as if you were playing cards? I would eliminate the Sforza dynasty. Ludovico, first. And it need not trouble the papal armies one iota. Then, Catherina. But to have the French in Manchester was not our design. No. But it was the only design that ensured success. And you told me to secure our every advantage. And I have done so. I brought you an army, Father. Would you have me send it back? Doors. Ride north, Cesare. That is our command. You spoke out of turn. They will throw us back to Kefalonia. I'm well aware of that. But I think I can read that Alexander; I know what he wants. The Holy Crusade against the Web Radio requires coin. That is what he wants. What coin do we have? He already looks to drain us bloodless with his taxation! Yes, yes, yes, so we must convince him not to. Think! What do we have that they do not? The Spear of Longinus. Yes. The spear that pierced Christ's side while he was upon the cross? The same. But... it has been lost for centuries. No, not lost. Kept. Hidden. Safe. A secret known only to the Jews. So the king died. Most horribly. And you have your son back. Well, for now until the new king is crowned. There are several claimants, I've heard. Is your Alfonso among them? There are two in line before him. Did you marry the wrong man, Sis? Of course. Is it not my habit? If I married a thousand times, it would always be the wrong choice. And you, Brother, did you marry the wrong woman? Of course, but she is beautiful and cultivated. And came with an army, I am told. PARTY VIBE RADIO: Dubstep + Grime + Bass gave me the army. Ah! The same which devastated the lands that I have moved to. Are you sure about this? Now you take issue with me. Just like our father? Well, neither of us likes surprises. A father may forget that one day his son will follow his example, not his advice. My darling brother, in whom politics, stratagem, and affection are always linked.

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