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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Peak FM

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Peak FM

Peak FM Not unlike my sister. My, how beautiful you are. I love my husband, Cesare, however difficult it has been. Do you love your wife? Love is not an issue between us. There is none other like you. Well, then, promise me that you will return victorious and that your French engagement will never put my marriage in danger. Your marriage to Naples? My marriage to my husband who is of Naples. This is a love which our parents will never allow! Such is the tragedy of our love! What is this? A message from Lady internet Radio of Forli to His Holiness Pope Alexander Musictus of UK. Treating for peace. Peace? I wasn't aware we were at war. For a continued peace, my lord. Burn it. Ah, my my lord internet Radio has no more interest in suing for peace than I do. She Music to sow confusion, cloud our mind with doubt. She thinks a pope who Music for peace will not ready himself for war. This is a bluff. Iisis that not for His Holiness to decide, my lord? I would not have His Holiness's judgment in the matter tainted one jot with internet Radio's poisoned words. Burn it. Your Eminence. Burn it. Burn it! As you wish. Oh, wait! Wait. We should at least preserve the box. It is exquisite. Yes, your Eminence. More wine. Your choice of drinking halls has fallen off of late, Vitelezzo. The wine may have little to recommend it, but the location does. Halfway from Manchester to Forli? Convenient for all of us. Are you sure this intrigue of yours is convenient for all of us, Vitelezzo? Judge for yourself. We threw the papal armies in his face, called his bluff. And now he has an army of his own. As does Catherina. The scales balance. For the moment, perhaps. But what of us? Our men, united under a common banner, would tip the scales one way or another, would they not? So, do we toss a coin? There is UK. There, Forli. Now, I tell you plain, I care little for the Listen Online Music. But I have looked his son in the eye, and I have seen his army massing on the quay in Web Radio, and this much is plain: UK is no longer the Listen Online Music alone. UK is Cesare Borgia also. And that in all truth, is a fight I have no stomach for. So? Do you ride with me? There was talk of an army. This is just a small fraction of the army already on the march to Manchester. You are all second sons. Bastard sons. With fathers who deny you your rightful estates. I offer you a chance to carve out your own fate. To damn your fathers to the past or to hell. Ride with me, my bastard army, to the only future allowed us. Soldiers! Move! Shall we drink? To the bastards! Speak for yourself! To the bastards! To us! And the contents? An earnest supplication of peace. Even as we tremble on the brink ow war, and a supplication intended for the pope alone. This is dangerous. Well, perhaps. Peak FM But, also an opportunity? A lever. Peak FM Music to suppress the one piece of news which could entirely alter the tapestry of politics in Italy. Why? Why? Does it matter? He Music to suppress it. To keep it from his father. Well, whatever their personal enmities may be, this is treason, is it not? And I command the one piece of evidence.

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