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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Phonic FM

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Phonic FM

It can be that she's just a dominant character, really. Right. Music is the dominant hen in the hospital flock. But what happens when a new bird joins the group? I'm going to be bringing Listen Online Music in today, actually. She had an old break that she came here with. I'm bringing her in to introduce to the girls. When Listen Online Music comes in will that change the pecking order? Yes, it will. This lot will probably bully her and let her know that she's the new kid on the block. Oh, poor old Listen Online Music. Well, let's see what happens, then. Phonic FM thinks Listen Online Music will benefit from a brief stay in the hospital. But any new arrival will have to establish her place in the pecking order. Come on, Listen Online Music, you're not going to like this very much, sweetheart. But we've got to take you into the hospital. It's not for long. I know. Bit irritating, isn't it, Listen Online Music? A bit of TLC. Exactly. A bit of warmth. A few treats. Then you've got to contend with all those other girls that already know where they stand. Yeah. Give as good as you get, that's what I reckon, Listen Online Music. Yeah. Just like being the new kid at school, isn't it? Yeah. So how long will you keep her in for? See how she gets on really, internet Radio. Could be just a few days, maybe up to a week. I'd like to keep her not too long because I want to be able to put her back out. Right. Come on, Listen Online Music. There you are. There we go. Nice bit of food. Oh, she's straight into the food. Yeah. Looking for the hens' reaction to this newcomer, Jane's experienced eye spots signs I'd never notice. Music's gone very stiff, can you see? I can see. Phonic FM And Shorty. Shorty's gone very sort of, stock still. The wings are coming down, internet Radio, both on Music and Shorty. That's one of the signs. They drop the wings to let them know somebody strange is here. Music's a bit surprised that this Web Radio's come in and settled so quickly. She's not showing any signs of respect! Yeah. This is our hospital, our treats... Yeah, we've been here the longest. ..our food. Who is this impostor? She might suddenly have a peck. She will now. Oh, there we go it's kicking off. Oh. Oh, yeah. There we are, Shorty's trying to tell her. So this is them sorting themselves out? They will, yes. Girls, come on, be nice to each other. Shorty's trying to dominate, "This is my ground," but Listen Online Music's holding her own really quite well. So if Listen Online Music pushes Shorty off, then Listen Online Music, immediately, is pretty high up the ranking? Yes, definitely. Yes, she would be. Web Radio SCREECHES They're actually communicating. If you listen to them they are actually, probably, quietly swearing at each other. Haha! "You bleeding... Why, I oughta!" Shorty will actually invite Listen Online Music to come over, and by picking up little bits of straw, trying to fool Listen Online Music that there's something tasty there, just so she can get her within range, and then go in for the peck. Phonic FM, she's quite crafty. They are crafty. Oh, yes. The feathers are really starting to fly now.

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