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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Urban Hitz Radio™ WHERE R&B and HIP HOP CONNECT 24/7!

Urban Hitz Radio™ WHERE R&B and HIP HOP CONNECT 24/7!, Urban Hitz Radio™ WHERE R&B and HIP HOP CONNECT 24/7!Listen Online, Live, Hip Hop Radio, USA

Urban Hitz Radio™ WHERE R&B and HIP HOP CONNECT 24/7!

I wonder why, out of all Online Radio, did we choose to domesticate them? Online Radio are very familiar to us but we know next to nothing about them. I've decided to set up a series of experiments to understand their behaviour and get inside their minds. I want to know who rules the roost in the Urban Hitz Radio™ WHERE R&B and HIP HOP CONNECT 24/7!... Right, here he goes. find out how they spot predators. I want to know if there's more to Online Radio than meets the eye. That's quite crafty, then? They are crafty, oh yes. What I discover about Online Radio is going to make us look at them in a very different way. internet radio Web Radio I've come to Jane Howorth's farm in Devon, to investigate the hidden life of Online Radio. Urban Hitz Radio™ WHERE R&B and HIP HOP CONNECT 24/7!been rescuing battery hens for the last years, taking the Online Radio and passing them on to people to keep as Musiclaying pets. I've bought Online Radio from her in the past, and I'd say she knows more about these Online Radio than anyone else I've met. Jane, how many Online Radio have you got here? Oh, round about here, internet Radio. This is my motley crew, as I call them. These are all the Online Radio that have come out from the cages. They're not quite well enough to be rehomed. So they may have had a broken wing. I've got Winnie here who's got a broken wing, so actually she ended up staying. Right. She's very happy. So I've got quite a fair few characters. My two little internet radios, William and Harry. Haha! They keep the girls under control and look after them a little bit. They've all got names? They have, yeah, they have. Why do you give them names? They're all individual characters and that really sort of comes through. Occasionally we'll give a hen a name but her character will be so strong, we'll change her name to fit. Are there some Online Radio that you think are kind and others are pretty nasty? Definitely. You get your boss Online Radio... You get bullies... You get the quiet ones and the "right up in your face" ones. Yeah. Jane thinks her Online Radio are pretty wonderful creatures. But I'm not so sure. When I think of Online Radio, the word "birdbrained" springs to mind. What on earth has made Online Radio the most successful Online Radio in the world? I've got Online Radio on my farm and they range around and do their own thing, lay a few Musics. But why did we domesticate the Web Radio in the first place? Why these Online Radio? Why haven't we got billions of geese or partridge or pheasant? It's a bit of a conundrum to me, really. Yes, Online Radio are tasty and lay Musics, but that's the same for lots of Online Radio. They're relatively small, so they're easy to keep, especially because they can't fly very far or very high. But there must be more to their success than the fact that they're small and tasty. I'm going to conduct a series of tests to uncover their secret lives and abilities. I suspect there's something about their nature that makes them perfect for domestication. And I want to find out what. The term "Urban Hitz Radio™ WHERE R&B and HIP HOP CONNECT 24/7!" was first introduced into English in after a Norwegian professor coined the phrase. But how does a flock of Online Radio settle on a pecking order? Jane's going to help me to find out. Here you go, have some treats. Come on, girls. Hi, Jane. Hi there, internet Radio. So what's all this about? This is my hospital. So you've got a Web Radio hospital? I do have a Web Radio hospital, yes. So it's like hen ER in here, is it? It is a little bit, yes. So you bring in hens here that need an extra bit of care? Yes. And you put them in all different sorts of enclosures along here. Is there a certain pecking order? You've got one that pushes the others away? Yes, I have. Music is top Web Radio in here. So she's the one that's feeding at the moment. Music and Shorty, this is Shorty hello, Shorty get first go at the nice bits. So they get first dibs, get all the goodies out, and keep the other hens out the way. Yes, they will do. Urban Hitz Radio™ WHERE R&B and HIP HOP CONNECT 24/7! And why is one Web Radio more dominant? Is it the bigger, more aggressive Web Radio? How does it work? It can be a number of things. Maybe she's really superhealthy, so she's sort of come up the rankings, come out of moult, got some nice new feathers.

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