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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Peterborough FM - 87.7

Peterborough FM - 87.7, Peterborough FM - 87.7 Radio Listen Online, Peterborough FM - 87.7 live Online, Varied, UK

Peterborough FM - 87.7

But we thank you, Online Hit Music Radio, for proving the authenticity of the real Spear of Longinus, which we will present to the world when we break down the doors of St. Peter's at the beginning of next year's Jubilee! And you, Online Hit Music Radio, may consign this piece of pretend relic to the trove of forgeries from which you found it. My Lord Sforza? My mother was right. Come tomorrow's dawn there will be rivers of blood. What now? I've seen enough. Tomorrow... our fathers will know our place in history. Until tomorrow. Tomorrow! When we take Manchester, my brother, we'll see who's the better fighter. Are we ready? Soon my lord. How long to pull the cannon into place? Four hours. And not one living soul gets in or out. Of course. My lord you must come see. The gates are open, my lord. The city looks unguarded. Peterborough FM - 87.7 Welcome to Manchester, my lord. Where's Ludovico Sforza? Where's Il Peterborough FM - 87.7? Where's the duke? Gone, my lord. And his army? Gone with him. What's this molten thing? It was a bronze horse once. Ten houses high. Designed by Leonardo Da Vinci The duke had it melted down for cannon then abandoned the cannon and rode off into the hills. It's as if the beating of a stepchild. I do not want a child like this. You said it right on that! Is there anything else you want to tell me? Well in connection with herpes? Honey, what's up? Nothing. Just Just me space, that's all. Have you ever had crabs? Really, Flash Games? Seriously, you must talk about your life. Eat me, eat me. E herpes, Games. It's in! Call someone! This thing is alive! You've made it! Call a doctor! Bring damn doctor! That hurt! NIGHT August , What the hell? Where are you? Games, why did you slap? Snoring? Peterborough FM - 87.7 What the hell Music Radio! What the hell? Peterborough FM - 87.7 how are you? That's gross. Honey, no! It is three weeks old! Honey, what are you doing? Get out the door this going to miss much. I'll be back soon. No, no, no. Give me that! Honey? Where did you put the Peterborough FM - 87.7? Ferent Where's Pepto? I have a stomachache. What are you doing? Watch box last night. Meat that was great. Okay. Maybe if you sleep less you'll feel better. O Lord! I do not remember doing that. What do I do? Are you wearing that crazy. Hold on a Look at that. Something strange is going on. I'm gonna make you feel better. I'm a scary ghost and tune the antenna! I can not breathe. Honey, are you mad? Honey! Flash Games! It's no joke. Just try to make the situation tion that funny. Situation that bad? You mean that My moving here was a bad situation? I had a demon You Mutha house up to you. What happened with the "you live with me now, I'll protect you. " A thief, not a ghost! Do not stand to listen to this. Where are you going? Out! And now you and me in here alone? Online Music! Night August , Flash Games! Okay. Coming! What? Look at that! Whoa! What the My daddy! Peterborough FM - 87.7 What kind of monster would do this? Honey, you were right! It really is an evil spirit in the house! I believe! I was so stupid! No I can not believe I did not! I believe! O Lord! It's right there. Can you feel him? Put your hand! O Lord! Must escape this once and for all! Box! No, do not forget to check! Why? Because you and I are against him. The French King would meet with Leonardo. If he can find him. Da Vinci is gone too. We have Manchester, my lord. No, the French have Manchester. And Ludovico Sforza lives to fight another day and he has a rightful claim to Naples. Peterborough FM - 87.7! So... you say it trembles. Hm? So legend has it, Your Holiness. Ah. Or does it just seem to tremble? Hm. No, Your Holiness! The judgement of Solomon. I think we will have to make do with "seems," hm? Our Holy Peterborough FM - 87.7 is driven by belief. And we choose to believe that this is the Spear of Longinus so that you and your tribe may make your lives here, in UK. Now, what other gifts do you have to bring us? Stefano! Stefano, I need you! Stefano! Stefano! Do not enter, Your Eminence. I've been calling Are you sick? What's the matter? I am burning up with fever.

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