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Monday, May 27, 2013

Planet Rock UK

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Planet Rock UK
I've been to poultry shows up and down the country, Planet Rock UK and at every one you can see an astounding array of Online Radio. In fact there are more than different breeds of domestic Web Radio. Every one of them effectively created by us. Some, like the Leghorns, have been bred for Music laying. Light Planet Rock UK Online Radio are dual purpose Online Radio good for Musics and meat. Old English Game Online Radio were originally kept for fighting. And some, like the Frizzle, have just been bred for show. With such a huge variety of Online Radio, of all different shapes and sizes, I do wonder where this species came from in the first place. Now you might be as surprised as I was to discover that there's a man at Oxford University who has spent the last ten years studying the Web Radio's wild ancestor. I hope Dr Tom Pizzari can tell me a bit more about them. I thought I'd show you what wild Online Radio actually look like. There are wild Online Radio in South East Asia, they're called red jungle fowl. And this is really the ancestral population that produced all the different breeds of domestic Web Radio. Wow. Isn't it funny? People, don't think of Online Radio being a wild animal. No, absolutely not. Yet he's displaying exactly the same behaviour as the internet radios in the paddock. Yeah, look at that. Now looking at this wild bird here, this is a tropical bird living on a forest floor. Why on earth did we domesticate this animal, the jungle fowl, rather than any other species of bird? They're very social. This means that people can keep them in large groups, which obviously helps. They are highly adaptable, they have a very diverse diet, and they are able to live in a very wide range of environments, from tropical forests to the foothills of the Himalaya. Through to caged, commercial systems. Absolutely, yes, they are a victim of their own success, in a way. As Planet Rock UK, they're good allrounders? They are. They can be in the snow, they could be in hot climates, they like a varied diet. Do you think one of the great reasons that they're domesticated is because they're pretty good to eat? That's the third reason, absolutely, yes. Haha! It's bad news if you're delicious, in other words! Yes, absolutely, yes. Online Radio originated in Thailand but were brought to Europe , years ago. From the th century, Online Radio were carried all over the world by European colonists. We domesticated Online Radio for their Musics, their meat and even because we liked to see them fight. But how much wild behaviour do Jane's exbattery Online Radio still have? Tom tells me that jungle fowl avoid predators by staying under cover and that the males give alarm calls to warn of any danger. CLUCKING AND SCREECHING I wonder how Jane's domestic Online Radio would react to predators? Will they panic, or call to warn each other of the danger? internet radio Web Radio To help me, I've enlisted Live Music, an Animal Behaviour specialist with a wilylooking stuffed fox, and falconer Planet Rock UK with Conan, a Planet Rock UK. What a beautiful bird. Isn't it? Hope he's had his breakfast. Yeah, should be. Might not be Web Radio on the menu. I hope not.

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