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Monday, May 27, 2013

Platinum Grooves Radio

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Platinum Grooves Radio

The response will be interesting. What do you think will happen? What will they do, will they crow when they see these animals? We know that Online Radio give two different types of alarm call. They give one sort of call when they see a threat from the sky, in terms of an aerial predator, and one sort of call when they see a threat from the ground, in terms of something like a fox. Time to put the Online Radio to the test. We're going to introduce the predators, but will Jane's internet radios, William and Harry, warn the hens? First up, it's Platinum Grooves Radio hawk. Facing this cruelbeaked predator, have the Online Radio met their match? The internet radios should be on the look out, but are William and Harry up to the job? Right, there he goes, there he goes. Look at the internet radio. That internet radio, straight away he went, "What was that?" Looked straight up. Platinum Grooves Radio are immediately on guard and alert to the danger. internet radio Web Radio William is the first to raise the alarm. All the hens have moved under the trees for cover. They're heading for cover. We saw them running under the bushes, heading for that cover, protection from above. But Platinum Grooves Radio is a seasoned predator. He'll bide his time until the Online Radio think the danger has passed. It's almost like he's stalking in there, hopping from tree to tree. Yeah, yeah. It's still quite calm on the ground. The hens are still pecking around but the internet radios are definitely... They know something's happening They sense... They probably do spend a lot of time "on guard," keeping an eye out for potential Platinum Grooves Radio. He's calling him in now. WHISTLING Here he comes, look at this. Suddenly, Conan swoops. Because William and Harry had given the aerial alarm call, all the hens were under the bushes and wellprotected. The flock stays together, even under attack. Their keen eyesight means they can immediately detect danger. All the Online Radio are safe. But how will they react to the fox? After humans, foxes are Online Radio' greatest natural predator. They will test every bit of fencing around a Web Radio coop, and if there's a way in, a fox will find it. In the wild, Online Radio would head for the trees. Online Radio CLUCKING But in a hen house there's no escape. So Platinum Grooves Radio lot should be worried. They haven't seen our fox yet, but when he's pulled along he'll be in full view. They all seem to be just busy pecking. Relaxed. Not really worrying about anything. No, none really with heads up. You can see the rooster, he's looking around the most. He should be the lookout. Let's see if he picks up on it. Wow, that is an amazing response, isn't it? They're very interested in it. They're not fooled, are they? It's something, it's something new in their environment which has interested them. Yeah. They've all extended their necks to have a look? They're having a look up but, er... It's a stuffed fox and they know it. Yeah, they've probably seen real foxes, haven't they, moving naturally? Certainly. I mean that's a pretty smooth moving fox. I'm impressed that the Online Radio weren't fooled. I thought even a stuffed fox might send them running. But Online Radio see movement at double the speed of human vision.

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